Absalon Hotel Group customer story

The smart tech behind Absalon Hotel Group’s great guest experiences

The Danish hotel group uses Mews to streamline its processes and create a smooth, agile user experience for staff and guests.

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higher RevPAR


in 2022 compared to 2021

booking engine conversion rate


at Annex Copenhagen

higher ADR


in 2022 compared to 2021

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“With Mews we really feel like we’re in total control of our operations. It’s easy to pull up-to-date reports at any time and make adjustments to reservations.”

Multiple rates and upselling at booking



Absalon Hotel Group needed a booking engine for each of their distinct properties that would drive conversions and offer a number of rates.



Mews Booking Engine has a simple, clean user journey that makes it easy for guests to make a reservation. At the booking stage, Absalon can upsell products like breakfasts and promote sustainability through a ‘Go green’ option that skips housekeeping. The reservations team can upload multiple rates for each room type, including ‘risk free’ fully flexible rates.



• 6.7% booking engine conversion rate at Annex Copenhagen (double the industry average)
• 5.5% booking engine conversion rate at Absalon Hotel
• 28% higher occupancy in 2022 compared to 2021

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Payments at multiple touchpoints



In order to maximize revenue, it should be easy for guests to pay – and for staff to process payments – throughout the guest journey.



When guests book via Mews Booking Engine, they can pay quickly and securely once they have selected their rooms, rates and any add-ons. Payment can also be taken onsite during their stay, as well as during online check-out where, for instance, the guest can select any extras they purchased at the bar. Once the guest has left, if there are charges remaining, Absalon staff can submit payment requests via email in just one click.



• 0.02% chargeback rate
• 81% payment request success rate

“Mews puts guests at the heart of the hotel experience, which is exactly what Absalon Hotel has been doing for generations. They’re the perfect technology fit for our needs.”

Integration spotlight

OTA Insight – On the Books

OTA Insight’s On the Books integration provides clear, visual performance trends for each day’s business and remaining capacity. It provides Absalon Hotel Group with enriched datasets that compare performance with planned strategy, competitors and market demand, helping to make smart, data-led business decisions.

Visma Accounting

Visma Accounting is a leading business solution in Northern Europe. With the special Mews integration, the Absalon Hotel team save time by automating the transfer of PMS financial data from Mews to the Visma accounting platform (powered by Omniboost).

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