Aplend Apartments & Resorts customer story

Aplend Apartments & Resorts saves time and boosts revenue

The Slovakian accommodation brand benefits from an easy-to-use platform with multiple integrations.

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30% increase in ADR


72% increase in RevPAR

from Jan-Mar 2020 to Jan-Mar 2022


80% faster to train staff

About Aplend Apartments & Resorts

Aplend Apartments & Resorts consists of a number of hotels, villas and apartments in Slovakia. Running a variety of property types requires the brand to be flexible and tech-savvy, tailoring the guest experience for each booking. Their accommodation is ideal for guests looking to enjoy nearby skiing and other outdoor activities amidst the stunning mountain landscape, while Aplend City is the perfect base for exploring Bratislava.

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“Since moving to Mews, we can be so much more agile in how we operate, both in terms of how we engage with guests and testing out new integrations and tools through Mews Marketplace.”

Matej Matejka
Owner, Aplend Group

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Structured, multi-property onboarding


Historically, changing PMS was time a consuming and stressful process for everyone involved.


Mews has a structured and streamlined implementation process that allows new hotels to get set up as fast (or as slow) as they like. It’s a scalable solution that allows multiple properties to onboard concurrently, which is exactly what Aplend did with five of their properties in Spring 2019.


• Five properties went live in the space of two weeks
• One week from welcome call to go live date for several resorts

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Speedy training for new staff


Hospitality typically has a high rate of staff turnover, meaning lots of time and resource is spent training new team members.


Mews is the most user-friendly hospitality cloud on the market. From reservation dashboards to revenue reports, each screen has a modern, clean design that is easy to use and understand. This is because the platform was built with consideration to what works best, not just how things were before. As such, the Aplend team are able to onboard new staff much faster than before, ensuring as much time can be spent focusing on guests.


• 80% faster to train new staff, cutting time from five working days to just one

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“The main thing I like about Mews is its simplicity and user-friendliness. When we train new staff on it they understand it straight away, regardless if they come from a hospitality background.”

Matej Matejka
Owner, Aplend Group

Integration spotlight

Each property uses a number of integrations based on its requirements, with some hotels running with more than a dozen live integrations.


RoomPriceGenie is a revenue management solution designed for small and medium-sized hotels. The direct integration with Mews automatically updates prices and inventory, while the tool’s algorithm ensures maximum profit for every room. Through the combination of Mews and RoomPriceGenie, Aplend Apartments & Resorts have seen a 30% increase in ADR.

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SiteMinder is a global distribution solution that allows the Aplend team to automatically display their rooms and apartments across hundreds of booking channels. The direct, real-time connection with Mews means that these channels display the correct price, restrictions and availability, reducing any errors or overbookings.

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Looking ahead

The whole Aplend Apartments & Resorts team is looking forward to an exciting future with Mews. They’re constantly looking for improvements that will streamline their daily operations and provide a smoother guest journey. In particular, they remain active when it comes to exploring new integrations via Mews Marketplace and new possibilities with custom tech via Mews Open API.

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