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How Auberge Adveniat delivers heavenly guest experiences using Mews

The French youth hostel blessed with a beautiful location in central Paris leverages Mews to drive more direct bookings and online check-ins.

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higher booking value


for direct bookings compared to channel manager

booking engine conversion rate


online check-in rate


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“Mews Booking Engine is such a game changer. From its slick and intuitive design to incredible user experience from both the guest-facing and internal side, this was just what we needed. We’re not only seeing a higher number of direct bookings, but also a significantly higher booking value.”

More direct booking website conversions



To drive more direct bookings, Auberge Adveniat had to reduce their reliance on



Their unique value proposition was an excellent starting point for improving direct bookings. Making a reservation with Mews Booking Engine is done effortlessly thanks to a simple and intuitive user journey. Auberge Adveniat can easily upsell items within the booking journey, including bath towels and padlocks to secure lockers.



• Over 30% of bookings are made direct through Mews Booking Engine
• 7.5% booking engine conversion rate

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Driving more revenue by skipping commission fees



OTA commission tends to vary between 15-20%. Whenever bookings were made through channel managers, Auberge Adveniat was missing out on revenue through commission fees.



Mews Booking Engine is easy to set up and manage. It offers multiple rates and add-ons (such as late check-out and early check-in) that can be controlled by room type. By having a booking engine installed on their website, Auberge Adveniat was able to incentivize direct bookings and encourage guests to complete their reservation on the spot.



• 118% higher booking value for direct bookings compared to channel manager

Leveraging online check-ins to create a seamless guest journey



Waiting in queues to deal with check-in admin is not an ideal start to a holiday. Since many guests understandably want to start exploring Paris as fast as possible, Auberge Adveniat tried to answer their prayers by assuring a smoother guest journey.



As part of Mews Guest Journey, Mews Online Check-in allows guests to handle check-in admin, such as signing digital registration forms, using their phone or laptop. Ahead of their arrival, guests receive an email with a link to the online check-in journey, which is simple and fast to fill in. This leaves more time for staff to make a genuine connection with guests upon arrival instead of typing in passport and card details.



• 30% online check-in rate

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“We appreciate how Mews empowers us to focus on customer care, as making a genuine connection with our guests is what’s really important for us.”

Integration spotlight

Auberge Adveniat uses Mews Marketplace to connect directly to top-tier hotel tech integrations

Mews Payments

Auberge Adveniat is using Mews Payments to make every payment secure and fast. This fully integrated payment gateway uses automation to instantly process transactions at any point in guests’ journey. The team, freed from manual errors and repetitive credit card data entries, can finally focus on what matters: meaningful guest engagement.

Sage Exports

Sage Exports easily integrates with business management suites and customer management software. With the special Mews integration, the Auberge Adveniat team saves time and streamlines their daily operations by exporting accounting revenue and payment data.

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