Bush Hotel customer story

Bush Hotel serves up a treat for guests with Mews POS and PMS

The independent UK hotel uses Mews ePOS to connect their F&B to the Mews ecosystem and ensure that guests have a seamless experience across their whole stay.

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increase in ADR


over their first three months

to fully onboard

One month

conversation rate


with Mews Booking Engine

“Mews was the best fit for us because it automates the admin and lets us focus on providing guests with amazing hospitality.”

A booking engine that converts



Although OTAs can increase customer reach, they also have high commission rates that can see hotels lose out on revenue.



Bush Hotel uses Mews Booking Engine, which provides guests with a fast and simple reservation experience. The booking engine features the hotel’s branding and imagery to create a cohesive user journey, and guests have the option to include breakfasts and dinners in their booking.



• 13.3% conversion rate with Mews Booking Engine (3.3% is the industry average)
• 8% higher ADR for guests who booked through Mews Booking Engine compared to those who used channel managers


Best-in-class ePOS with Mews POS



Bush Hotel runs a popular restaurant, lounge and bar that need to be fully integrated with their hospitality cloud in order to give guests a seamless stay.



The team use Mews POS to manage their F&B offering. This is a cloud-native ePOS that provides easy digital bill splitting and tipping, as well as accepting alternative payment methods and opening guest tabs that can be linked with their guest profile within Mews.



• A smoother guest experience as they can pay at a time that suits them, for instance at the end of their stay
• No manual errors and more time saving for staff thanks to automatic settlement

“From day one, using Mews POS has been so easy. It helps our team to provide a better, more modern dining experience, while connecting seamlessly with Mews.”

Integration spotlight

Bush Hotel currently has five active integrations through Mews Marketplace.

Event Temple

Event Temple is an event and venue management tool that allows Bush Hotel to create, update and manage groups of reservations across accommodation and catering. The two-way integration means that the team can view Mews reservations, rates, availability and more within Event Temple, with no need for manual synchronization.


SiteMinder is a leading channel manager that connects Bush Hotel to over 400 booking channels. It automates the distribution of rooms, while the connection with Mews ensures that price, restrictions and availability are always up to date, reducing overbookings and saving time for their team.

Looking ahead

In the coming months, the Bush Hotel team are looking forward to migrating to Mews Payments where they’ll be able to benefit from a fully connected, integrated payments system. They’re also exploring way to further automate the guest journey while providing more personalized experiences. 


Make it remarkable.

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