Cabiner customer story

Cabiner use Mews' integrations to power their digital hotels

The unique Dutch wilderness brand use Mews as the glue between bespoke software and wide-ranging integrations.

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100% of payments automated


100% of check-ins and check-outs online


8,000+ guests per year

About Cabiner

Cabiner is a unique Dutch brand that aims to connect guests with nature again. Their cabins are located in National Parks and are only accessible by foot, but unlike glamping, they’re properly constructed small buildings with comforts like a hot shower and a kitchen. No Wi-Fi and no wall plugs encourage guests to disconnect from their everyday and truly relax in their new surroundings.

Cabiner needed a solution that gave them the power to automate, integrate and scale - enter Mews. Cabiner were looking for an open API to connect with bespoke software solutions, powerful integrations to connect to leading hotel tech and automation that enables unique and secluded guest experiences. 

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Mews Open API enables direct connections


Cabiner’s unique proposition and processes mean that the business has developed many of their own software solutions. For example, their unique booking engine allows guests to choose multiple cabins based on factors like how far they want to walk, and there’s a custom integration that connects a food package order to their supplier.


Mews has a truly open API, which means that Cabiner were able to connect all of these bespoke solutions directly with Mews. Mews’ API documentation is open to everyone, and provides unrivalled levels of flexibility for integrations and customization, ensuring that properties with very specific needs can operate effectively.


• Connect any software straight into PMS
• Flexibility to customize to any existing tech infrastructure

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“Because the API is open, we’re able to build a whole custom front end that exactly fits our needs, but still runs on Mews. Mews is the glue in the middle that connects everything – it fits our open mindset where everything is a network.”

Sander Ejlenberg
Co-Founder, Cabiner

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100% automated payments and integrated upselling


Given that Cabiner have no reception or front office, all reservation payments and other transactions need to be made simply and securely online.


With Mews, payment is taken at the moment of booking, so there’s no bill that needs to be settled upon arrival or departure.

Cabiner also built an add-on functionality whereby guests can add extra people or meal packages up to 24 hours before their visit. Payment is also taken immediately for any add-ons, meaning financial data is always fully up to date.


• 100% of payments are automated
• Zero payment discrepancies or mistakes through human error

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"We use humans to do human tasks because it's good to talk to people and to help them, but the repetitive stuff we get out of the way through automation."

Sander Ejlenberg
Co-Founder, Cabiner

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Admin-free guest experience


Cabiner has to be digital as the cabins are located in difficult to reach places only accessible by foot.


Their guest experience is uniquely hands-off, and automation plays a vital role. For instance, shortly before their stay, guests are sent an automated email with their walking routes and told where they can pick up their food supplies.

The door code is also automated, and will change at check-out time after every stay, meaning that no staff need to be present at any of the cabins to facilitate handover. This aligns with the Cabiner concept of reconnecting with nature and means that guests don’t have to perform any admin for the duration of their stay.


• 100% of check-ins and check-outs are automated
• A fully admin-free guest experience

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“Embrace the digital way. Focus on what really matters for the guest and try to automate the rest. I never found the check-out process at a hotel to be a nice thing, it's just something you want to get out of the way. If you can automate all these things, Mews is the right system to do it with.”

Sander Ejlenberg
Co-Founder, Cabiner

Integration spotlight

Cabiner currently use several integrations, from bookkeeping to workflow automation.


Zapier is a digital automation tool that connects different software and apps to create automatic workflows. One of the many ways that Cabiner use Zappier is to improve customer communication. For instance, it’s possible for someone to buy a Cabiner experience as a gift for a friend, and when the friend books the stay, the purchaser receives an automated email telling them they’ve just used their gift – thanks to the Zapier workflow.

View Zapier

Looking ahead

Cabiner are a hospitality brand that has fully embraced digital technology to power every element of the guest experience. Without powerful technology like Mews, the brand would struggle to deliver the guest experience that their discerning customers expect. 

The team will continue to look for integrations and efficiencies to stop humans from doing the repetitive tasks, and allow people to focus on people rather than submitting data on a screen. 

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