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CityHub embraces wristband payments and room keys through Mews

The innovative hospitality brand uses the latest tech to give guests a frictionless stay – all powered through Mews. 

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RevPAR increase


(Jan-May 2023 vs Jan-May 2019)



(May 2022 through May 2023)

booking engine conversion rate


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Payments and room keys with a RFID bracelet



CityHub dreamed of a seamless guest experience without the need to carry around cumbersome keys or find cash and cards for every transaction.



Upon check-in at a CityHub property, each guest takes an RFID wristband which functions as their customer identity. It can be used to open their pod’s door and to access the self-service bar so that every time they pour a drink, the charges are sent directly to Mews and processed through Mews Payments. This custom integration was built through Mews Open API.



• Zero connection fee to connect to Mews Open API
• Increased average guest spend
• 80% of all property transactions are automated with Mews Payments

More direct bookings, more revenue



Convincing guests to book direct requires a responsive website booking engine with a modern UI and a straightforward user journey.



CityHub uses Mews Booking Engine to drive more reservations and higher revenue. A clear, intuitive booking journey makes it easy for guests to select their desired dates and purchase extras like breakfast and bicycle rental. The user can easily change the language and currency to their preferred choice.



• 50% of CityHub Amsterdam’s bookings are made direct
• 8.7% booking engine conversion rate (3.3% is industry average for independent hotels)
• 12% higher average booking value for booking engine bookings compared to channel manager bookings
• 90% occupancy (May 2022 through May 2023)

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Integration spotlight

Custom kiosk API

CityHub has a custom kiosk solution to check in guests upon arrival, which is connected to Mews through Mews Open API. Their solution has a 100% self-check-in success rate.

FLYR (Formerly Pace Revenue)

Pace is a revenue management solution that connects directly to Mews Operations. Its pricing decision engine automates and optimizes pod prices for CityHub, while its business intelligence functionality makes it easy for the team to collaborate and analyze results.

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