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Ebb Dunedin match substance with style

Modernist boutique hotel in New Zealand harness Mews Payments, Mews Guest Journey and more.

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15% ADR increase

in six months over 2021

60% direct bookings


Zero chargebacks

About Ebb Dunedin

Ebb Dunedin is a design-led boutique hotel in Dunedin, a city on New Zealand’s South Island. The distinctive, modernist building was created by award-winning architect Gary Todd, and the striking atrium is filled with works by some of New Zealand’s best artists.

Each of the hotel’s 28 rooms are carefully curated, while an onsite café and wine bar next to the atrium garden adds to the sense of sophistication. They first opened their doors in 2021 and chose Mews to act as their hospitality cloud, powering payments, the guest journey, and much more.

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The importance of contact-free check-in


Different guests expect different check-in options. Particularly while local rules remain strict during the pandemic, a contact-free journey is important.


By using Mews Guest Journey, Ebb Dunedin is able to provide online check-in and online check-out to their guests. As well as giving guests a seamless user journey, this also saves time and cuts errors for front desk staff, who are then able to have more meaningful conversations with guests.


• 21% of guests check in online
• Online check-in takes an average of just two and a half minutes
• Online check-out takes less than one and a half minutes

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A smart booking engine that converts visits


Although OTAs can extend your customer reach, they come at the cost of high commission rates.


The Mews Booking Engine is built to convert visits into reservations so that the margin stays with hoteliers, thanks to an easy-to-follow user journey. Ebb Dunedin also enabled a price comparison widget that shows prices for booking.com, Expedia, and hotels.com, reassuring the customer that they’re not missing out on a better rate and encouraging them to book direct.


• 60% of bookings are made direct, through a combination of the booking engine, by phone or by email

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“We find that guests who book direct are more engaged during their stay, and more likely to take advantage of online check-in. The Mews Booking Engine is a big help with this.”

Dylan Cazemier
Director & Development Manager, Ebb Dunedin

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Safe and simple payment processing


Payments can take up a huge amount of time for guests and staff, whether it’s processing transactions or performing reconciliation.


Ebb uses Mews Payments, a fully integrated payment gateway that uses automation to instantly process transactions. The high level of security means that payments are verified by guests, resulting in very low levels of fraud and chargebacks. Automation is also a big time saver and eliminates the need for any printing of receipts.


• 100% payment automation through Mews Payments for credit card transactions
• Zero chargebacks in 2021

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“Automated payments are a game changer. Digital receipts and automatic reconciliation help to make it a much faster, smoother experience for our team and for guests.”

Dylan Cazemier
Director & Development Manager, Ebb Dunedin

Integration spotlight

Ebb Dunedin use a handful of integrations, including accounting software and a channel manager.


Xero is accounting software specially designed for small businesses. Its features include invoicing, pay runs, reporting and more, and with the Mews integration there’s an automatic daily transfer of all the necessary revenue and payment data.

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SiteMinder (EMEA)

SiteMinder is a leading channel manager that automates room distribution. Mews provides a real-time connection with the tool, accessing 400+ booking channels, ensuring a wide customer reach while reducing overbookings.

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Looking ahead

The team at Ebb-Dunedin are keen to build on the success of their first year in operation. They will continue to explore new integrations that complement the hotel’s modern design, while ensuring their guests continue to enjoy a tailored, luxury stay.

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