Ebb Dunedin customer story

Ebb Dunedin match substance with style

Modernist boutique hotel in New Zealand harness Mews Payments, Mews Guest Journey and more.

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ADR increase


in six months over 2021

direct bookings




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Safe and simple payment processing



Payments can take up a huge amount of time for guests and staff, whether it’s processing transactions or performing reconciliation.



Ebb uses Mews Payments, a fully integrated payment gateway that uses automation to instantly process transactions. The high level of security means that payments are verified by guests, resulting in very low levels of fraud and chargebacks. Automation is also a big time saver and eliminates the need for any printing of receipts.



• 100% payment automation through Mews Payments for credit card transactions
• Zero chargebacks in 2021

“Automated payments are a game changer. Digital receipts and automatic reconciliation help to make it a much faster, smoother experience for our team and for guests.”

Integration spotlight

Ebb Dunedin use a handful of integrations, including accounting software and a channel manager.


Xero is accounting software specially designed for small businesses. Its features include invoicing, pay runs, reporting and more, and with the Mews integration there’s an automatic daily transfer of all the necessary revenue and payment data.

SiteMinder (EMEA)

SiteMinder is a leading channel manager that automates room distribution. Mews provides a real-time connection with the tool, accessing 400+ booking channels, ensuring a wide customer reach while reducing overbookings.

Looking ahead

The team at Ebb-Dunedin are keen to build on the success of their first year in operation. They will continue to explore new integrations that complement the hotel’s modern design, while ensuring their guests continue to enjoy a tailored, luxury stay.

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Make it remarkable.

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