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Edgar Suites gets impressive results with a modern tech stack

Edgar Suites, the new generation of aparthotel, has built a tech stack that drives great guest experiences and impressive business results. 

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“We have customized a perfectly adapted tech stack to our operations which allows us to automate repetitive tasks, optimize and streamline our daily operations, and respond effectively to the needs of our employees and our travelers. Mews is at the heart of our tech stack, the central point of all of our technological tools.”
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New properties live in less than a week



Edgar Suites has a large portfolio of properties that is rapidly expanding. Fast onboarding for new properties is essential.



With Mews, onboarding can be done entirely online, with no costly and time-consuming server installations or onsite visits needed. Edgar Suites can use a shell setup for new implementations that expedites the whole onboarding process so they can welcome guests sooner.



• 3 days from welcome call to go live at Louvre-Jour
• 6 days from welcome call to go live at Levallois – Jules Verne
• 6 days from welcome call to go live at Châtillon

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Smooth multi-property bookings



With multiple apartments available, Edgar Suites requires a booking engine that can handle multi-property searching, while also maintaining a high conversion rate.



Mews Booking Engine offers the ability to search from multiple locations and apartments within the same booking engine. A smooth user journey makes for a high conversion rate, and guests have the ability to make pre-payments during their booking.



• 8.2% booking engine conversion for Châtillon (3.3% is industry average)
• 5.3% booking engine conversion rate for Levallois – Jules Verne
• 100% bookings made with pre-payment

Fast, automated payments



Guests need to be charged at multiple points throughout their stay, from booking to post-departure, necessitating a payments solution that’s agile and robust.



Edgar Suites is able to take swift and secure payments before the guest journey. Using Mews Payments, every transaction meets the highest standards of security, while guests can pay in a method convenient to them, including Apple Pay and Google Pay. Payments can be processed automatically during booking, or be requested post-stay by staff with a single click.



• 100% payment automation through Mews Payments for all card transactions
• 84% first time success rate for post-stay payment requests
• 0.3% chargeback rate in 2022 (global average is 1.5%)

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“The ease of use of elements like Mews Payments and Mews Operations is reflected in how pleased our staff are with the solution. Everything flows well and makes logical sense so there’s no unnecessary stress.”
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Integration spotlight


SiteMinder gives Edgar Suites a real-time connection between Mews and over 400 booking channels. Price, restrictions and availability updates automatically from Mews to their booking channels, with any bookings then automatically reflected in Mews in order to reduce overbookings.


SpotPilot is an innovative revenue management solution that connects with Mews and Edgar Suites’ channel manager to provide AI-powered, 24/7 revenue management. It’s very easy to set up and works easily across multiple properties and locations.

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