Episode Tbilisi customer story

Episode Tbilisi
embodies the modern, tech-enabled hotel

The Georgian city center hotel built its own customer-facing app, high-performance website and self-service kiosk to Mews Open API, and provides a variety of spaces for guests.

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9% higher ADR

for direct bookings compared to OTAs


100% of card payments

processed through Mews Payments


11.9% booking engine conversion rate

About Episode Tbilisi

Episode Tbilisi, part of Episode Hotels, is a sleek, tech-forward hotel in the heart of Tbilisi. Their rooms are equipped with everything the modern traveler needs, while the hotel also provides a 24-hour gym, complementary coworking, meeting rooms and conference spaces, and a café and bar, making it the perfect destination for bleisure travel.

Keyless entry is one of Episode's key differentiators. A digital version of a room key or an app on a smartphone eliminates the need for physical room keys and streamlines the check-in process. Keyless entry systems are completely integrated into their hotel app so that guests can control and share digital keys among themselves, as well as every experience on the property from there.

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“It was vital for us to find a hospitality cloud that would give us the freedom to innovate and move quickly with new technology – that’s one of the main reasons we chose Mews.”

Nikoloz Cherkezishvili
Co-Founder & CEO, Episode Hotels

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A custom-built app that connects to Mews


Episode Tbilisi wanted to create their own app to manage their guest journey, incorporating online check-in, online check-out, messaging and other additional services.


Mews Open API allows hotels and developers to easily connect and build to Mews Hospitality Cloud. Using our Connector API, the Episode Tbilisi developers were able to synchronize their app with all required guest and hotel data within Mews, creating a seamless and innovative flow for guests across their stay. They also use the Mews Booking Engine API to connect to their custom booking engine.


• Zero connection fee costs
• 11.9% booking engine conversion rate (average for independent hotels is 3.3%)
• 9% higher ADR for direct bookings compared to OTAs

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Cutting-edge payments


The Episode Tbilisi app was built to handle payments, and it’s imperative that every transaction – whether through the app, onsite, or online – is processed securely and quickly.


Mews Payments offers industry-leading levels of security for every transaction. As well as PCI DSS and PSD2 compliance, cards can be pre-authorized to ensure guests have sufficient funds prior to arrival. Moreover, via an API, the Episode app is able to securely connect with Mews Payments to handle any payments made by guests through this channel.


• 100% of card payments processed through Mews Payments
• 0.08% of transactions are chargebacks

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“We share Mews’ vision of a more connected, tech-driven hospitality. By giving guests the freedom to choose the journey that suits them best, we’re creating memorable and revolutionary experiences.”

Nikoloz Cherkezishvili
Co-Founder & CEO, Episode Hotels

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Integration spotlight


The HiJiffy chatbot is ideal for answering customers’ top questions. A pop-up chat box automatically appears on the Episode Tbilisi website, allowing visitors to type any question. HiJiffy’s AI decision tree guides visitors through the most common questions and concerns, with more than 60% of queries typically answered. This relieves the strain on sales and the front desk team.

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Looking ahead

Because technology never stops evolving, the Episode Tbilisi team never stops their search and experimentation for new ways to become more efficient and improve the guest experience. They are part of BETA testing with Mews, trying out new features before they’re available to the wider market and helping to hone their effectiveness.

“This is only the beginning of something big,” says the Episode team, who never plan to stop evolving.

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