Friendly Hotel Collection customer story

Friendly Hotel Collection benefits from a modern guest and user experience

The hotel chain in the French Alps has embraced the latest hotel tech to give guests a seamless experience. 

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to onboard at Victoria Lodge

10 days

higher ADR for direct bookings compared to channel manager


of booking engine bookings are pre-paid


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“We really appreciate that Mews is more shaped as a customer relationship management than a reservation management system, as customer care is very important for us.”

Onboarding as fast as a downhill slope



Friendly Hotel Collection has an ambitious expansion plan, and any new property that it acquires requires fast onboarding.



With Mews, implementation can be done entirely remotely and working to the customer’s desired pace. A dedicated onboarding manager combined with comprehensive documentation and video learning tools mean that new properties can be live in a matter of weeks.



• 10 days between welcome call and go live date Victoria Lodge
• 20 days between welcome call and go live date for Hôtel La Cachette

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Friendly Hotels Collection Portrait body image - 1076x1352-50

Guest-centricity that boosts revenue



Friendly Hotel Collection wants guests to have a seamless check-in and payment journey that suits their preferences – while not compromising on profitability.



Mews has a number of built-in tools that enable a frictionless guest experience. Mews Booking Engine is high-converting and gives guests the ability to pre-pay rooms, helping with hotel cash flow. Online check-in allows guests to handle admin before arrival, meaning they can get to their room faster, while Totem uses a Mews Kiosk in their lobby for guests to check themselves in.



• 17% higher ADR for guests who check in online
• 27% higher ADR for direct bookings compared to channel manager
• 88% of booking engine bookings are made with pre-payment

“As a seasonal hotel, new employees can be very quickly comfortable with using Mews! The software constantly improves its functions so that it is more and more usable.”

Integration spotlight

D-EDGE Channel Manager

D-EDGE is a leading provider in cloud-based hotel solutions, working with over 12,000 properties around the world. Friendly Hotel Collection uses the D-EDGE Channel Manager to connect to over 300 distribution websites and maximize occupancy and avoid overbooking.

Revbell by N&C

Revbell is a scalable and intuitive revenue management solution. Its live dashboard highlights key performance metrics and trends, which are accompanied by detailed daily recommendations for decisions that will help the team work more effectively across occupancy, revenue and cancelations.

Looking ahead

Friendly Hotel Collection has ambitious growth targets, with plans to acquire more hotels in the Alps region and implement Mews for every property. More immediately, the team is about to start using Mews’ new and improved guest email functionality, with fully personalized emails no available for upsells and more.

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Make it remarkable.

Ready to take the first step towards a more efficient, flexible, guest-centric approach to hospitality?