Hakuba Hotel Group customer story

Hakuba Hotel Group makes big gains with Mews

The Japanese property management company boost revenue and occupancy while improving the guest experience.

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online check-in


across all properties

higher RevPAR


for guests who use online check-in

higher occupancy


in first three months of 2022 compared to second half of 2021

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“Not only has Mews helped us to deliver great results in terms of numbers, but just as importantly, it’s also had a really positive impact on our guest experience.”

Online check-in boosts revenue



Many guests want to skip the admin of check-in so that they can begin their stay and get to the slopes as fast as possible.



Online Check-in is part of Mews Guest Journey, and it allows guests to complete the administrative part of the process in their own time before they arrive, including signing digital registration forms. Before arrival, guests are sent an email that contains a link to the online check-in journey, which is fast and simple to fill in. This also saves time for staff upon arrival, who can focus on providing a luxury experience rather than asking for card details.



• 42.5% online check-in rate across all properties
• 110% higher RevPAR for guests who use online check-in
• 25% higher ADR for guests who use online check-in

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An intuitive, reliable and advanced POS



Hakuba Hotel Group operates standalone restaurants that need to be integrated with their hotels and self-catering accommodations in order to give guests a varied and seamless ordering experience.



Mews POS allows Hakuba’s guests to order food from the comfort of their chalet with a choice from one of their five restaurants. Each room/chalet has unique QR codes, enabling guests to digitally order from their restaurant of choice. Food is delivered to the relevant accommodation, quickly ensuring a closed loop of food service and accommodation. Guests can order in the language of their choice, add digital tips, and charge to their room for payment at the end of their stay.



• 60% increase in orders from chalets
• 20% increase in coffeeshop revenue thanks to room service orders
• A smoother guest experience as they can pay at a time that suits them, minimizing the transactional part of their stay

“We really like how well Mews POS integrates with our PMS and how reliable it is in daily use in a busy environment. The QR code ordering functionality is intuitive and comprehensive. There are many QR code ordering solutions these days, but Mews POS gets it right.”

Payments that put guests in control



Luxury guests are used to paying for services and experiences in their own way, in their own time, so Hakuba Hotel Group wanted payment flexibility.



With Mews Payments, once a card or payment method has been authorized once, it can be used to instantly and securely take payments for future purchases with just a single click by hotel staff. This means that guests don’t need to have their stay disrupted by providing their details for every transaction. Payments can be taken at any point throughout the guest journey, with a wide range of payment methods accepted.



• 100% automated payments through Mews Payments
• Guests can pay with alternative payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay

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Integration spotlight

Hakbua Hotel Group connect to a number of integrations directly through Mews Marketplace.



BookBoost is a guest messaging tool that integrates with Mews to provide multi-channel website chat as well as automated messaging and a chatbot. In-build analysis and reporting provide insights and help manage CRM campaigns.

Event Temairazu

Temairazu is a channel manager tailored to the Japanese market. It allows Hakuba Hotel Group to centrally manage multiple international and local distribution channels, while connecting to Mews to maintain up-to-date rates, inventory and availability.

Looking ahead

Hakuba Hotel Group is eager to build on an excellent beginning with Mews and achieve their ambitious growth plans. They plan to attract even more customers while automating more of the guest journey and connecting in-house tech tools, ensuring that increased occupancy doesn’t have to mean increased manual work

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Make it remarkable.

Ready to take the first step towards a more efficient, flexible, guest-centric approach to hospitality?