Koncept Hotels customer story

Automation helps to transform Koncept Hotels

Forward-thinking hotel group utilize automation to provide a fully contact-free guest experience.

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100% online check-ins and check-outs

in specially designed hotels


100% payment automation

using Mews Payments


Three hours per day saved

through smart automation

About Koncept Hotels

Koncept Hotels is a stylish and distinctive hotel chain who champion fair, environmentally friendly, and digital practices. A Mews customer since 2019, Koncept Hotels welcome more than 100,000 guests every year, and each of their seven hotels has a different theme that tells a story relating to its location or building.

Cutting-edge technology is at the heart of operations, with some properties fully automated and staffless. As such, some of the most important requirements when searching for a new property management system included automated self check-in and check-out, and agile, remote management for their off-site team.

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A two day implementation


Implementing a new PMS can be disruptive to hotels that are already operational and welcoming guests.


The Mews Implementations team worked with Koncept Hotels to orchestrate a smooth onboarding plan that worked with the team's agile, home-based working.


• The first two Koncept Hotels properties were onboarded in four days, including staff training
• The most recent hotel went live in just two and a half days, with only two staff from Koncept Hotels working on the implementation

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Mews Operations drastically cuts admin


Koncept Hotels' staff were spending too much time with manual administration such as updating reservations, checking billing addresses, and processing hotel payments.


With Mews, these tasks have been automated, saving huge amounts of time for staff. For example, housekeeping reports are now automated and sent less frequently, because the housekeeping team uses the mobile app that provides all the information they need.


• 3 hours saved every day through automation
• 100% payment automation in some hotels
• 100% correct housekeeping figures every month

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"We're saving hours of wasted click time on check-ins and check-outs, for payments and invoices, and by having no night audit. Having no night audit was an eye opener. After I realized how it works, I asked myself: why does any property have a night audit?"

Daniel Hrkać
Head of Operations, Koncept Hotels

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Mews Guest Journey helps guests go contact-free


Some Koncept properties are fully automated with no staff on site, which requires a seamless digital journey for guests and the ability for hotel staff to run operations remotely.


Guests can use online check-in on any device before arrival, or self-check-in at a kiosk when they get to the hotel. A number of automated guest emails are sent via Mews, ensuring guests are fully informed about what to do. All of these processes are automated and digital, so there's no need for staff to waste time or resource printing reports or receipts.


• Mews contributed to mobile check-in doubling from 40% to 80%
• Zero paper use throughout all operations

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Automation helps say goodbye to the night audit


Prior to Mews, Koncept Hotels carried out night audits, which were run manually from home at 10pm every night. If guests were no-shows or didn’t arrive by 10pm, they were checked in anyway because there was no choice, which in turn meant that housekeeping figures weren’t correct.


Now, thanks to automation and Mews' innovative platform, there is no need for a night audit. One day simply runs into the next without any manual input.


• Check-ins are automatically resolved at 2am every morning
• Postings are created upon reservation confirmation
• No system downtime

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"Mews made me question everything about daily procedures. Is it really necessary to have those reports? Is it really necessary to have a night audit? You don't need all of these old processes to run a property."

Daniel Hrkać
Head of Operations, Koncept Hotels

Integration spotlight

Koncept Hotels use seven integrations, including channel management and POS (point of sale).

Built-in business intelligence

Koncept Hotel have integrated a reporting and analytics tool that provides powerful insights and reporting. It provides cross-chain reporting for all connected Koncept hotels, saving time for staff who need to view finance and PMS data.

Looking ahead

Mews has already proven to be an invaluable tool in helping Koncept Hotels to achieve their vision of a fully digitized hotel. It's also prompted a mindset shift, with a new willingness to question why things have to be done in a certain way, just because that's how they were done in the past. 

Koncept Hotels will continue to build on their automated, staff-free concept, with plans to open as many as 10 new properties in the coming years. More integrations are on the horizon too, and the team are continually testing with new solutions to help bring automation to new operational areas.

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