Les Lodges Sainte Victoire customer story

How Les Lodges Sainte Victoire enables five-star experiences

The five-star hotel spa in the South of France uses Mews technology to ensure a smooth guest experience. 

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payment automation


through Mews Terminals and Stripe

chargeback ratio


increase in RevPAR


from first 4 months with Mews to next 4 months

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“To provide five-star experiences for our guests, we needed a five-star hospitality cloud, and that’s exactly what we got with Mews.”
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Payments with maximum convenience



Each guest has their own preference about how they would like to pay, while all guests expect this process to be seamless and non-disruptive to their stay.



Les Lodges Sainte Victoire uses Mews Payments to ensure every transaction is fast, secure and frictionless. Two mobile Mews terminals allow staff to take instant in-person payments, while further payments and payment requests can be easily actioned through the Mews platform. Guests have the option of paying in a way that suits them, be it through card or an alternative payment method.



• 100% payment automation through Mews Terminals and Stripe for e-commerce
• 0.02% chargeback ratio
• 25% of payments completed through Apple Pay

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Customizable booking engine



A website booking engine should feel like a cohesive part of the user journey, while also ensuring the hotel has every opportunity to maximize revenue.



Mews Booking Engine can be easily customized, including brand logos, colors and multiple pictures for each space type. Rooms, suites and villas are all bookable in the same booking engine, and during the user journey a widget pops up with live price comparisons to leading OTAs, showing the guest that booking direct is cheaper. Every space has multiple rates and upsells can be purchased in a single click.



• Guests can view prices in 67 different currencies
• 31 languages available

“It’s vital that we can connect all of our additional services to Mews in order to have a true overview of performance and our guests. For instance, we use Lightspeed POS for our restaurant and it’s very easy to integrate this with Mews.”
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Integration spotlight


SiteMinder is a leading channel manager that provides a real-time connection between Les Lodges Sainte Victoire and over 400 booking channels. Through its Mews integration, it provides fully synchronized rates and availability to reduce overbookings and ensure maximum revenue.


Mailchimp is one of the world’s most popular email marketing and CRM solutions. It provides the team with a number of easy-to-use email templates as well as smart automation and segmentation for marketing campaigns. With the Mews integration, Mailchimp automatically adds new contacts to the hotel’s mailing list.

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