Leven Manchester customer story

Leven Manchester wows guests and boosts revenue

The UK boutique hotel creates thoughtful, seamless stays for their guests by harnessing the power of an integrated PMS and POS.

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RevPAR increase


in first four months

online check-in rate


payment automation


for card transactions, using Mews Payments

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“We want to provide the best hospitality for guests anywhere in the country, and Mews is definitely the right solution to help us achieve that goal.”
LEVEN Manchester

One in three guests check in online



Changing travel expectations mean that many guests now expect to get to their rooms faster upon arrival, while also dealing with minimal admin.



Online check-in, part of Mews Guest Journey, allows guests to fill in all of their details before they arrive, including signing digital registration cards. This saves time for guests and staff, and means that their interactions don’t have to be primarily transactional. Guests who check in online are also typically more engaged in their stay, with a higher total spend.



• 33% of guests use online check-in
• 9% higher ADR for guests who use online check-in
• Up to an hour saved per day for the front desk team

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Speed and security for every payment



Taking and processing payments can be time-consuming and disruptive to the guest experience.



Leven Manchester use Mews Payments to automate their transactions. Staff can instantly process transactions in just a single click throughout the guest journey, eliminating manual errors and freeing your team from repetitive card data entry. The first time a guest makes a card payment, it’s authorized through 3D Secure, increasing security. For future payments on the same card, the guest doesn’t need to go through the same authorization process, ensuring a more seamless payment journey.



• 100% automated card payments through Mews Payments
• 0.05% chargeback rate (ten times better than the 0.5% industry average)

Mews POS digitizes Leven's bar and café



Leven Manchester run a busy bar and café that need to be fully integrated with their hospitality cloud in order to give guests a seamless stay.



Part of the Mews ecosystem, Mews POS is an all-in-one cloud restaurant management that helps hoteliers achieve end-to-end digitization. By providing total visibility across F&B and seamlessly integrating with Mews Operations and Mews Payments, Mews POS allows Leven Manchester to put their guests at the heart of their operations.



• Enhanced guest experience with the ability to order and pay from their mobile phone, wherever they are
• A user-friendly platform for staff, improving efficiencies and reducing admin

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“We’re really happy with Mews POS. It connects seamlessly with the rest of Mews and empowers our F&B team to work faster and give guests a better dining experience.”
LEVEN Manchester

Conquering staffing challenges


Hiring staff without hospitality experience is one of the biggest challenges for hoteliers in Manchester.


Because Mews is so intuitive and easy to use, Leven Manchester can hire staff without prior hospitality experience. This not only widens their talent pool but also improves staff retention by eliminating mundane tasks and boosting morale. Mews streamlines operational processes for its users, automating any task that doesn’t add value to the guest experience. As a result, the team can focus more on the most rewarding part of hospitality: engaging with their guests.


• Easy staff training boosts efficiency
• The team can hire staff based on their personalities as opposed to their hospitality experience
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Integration spotlight

Leven Manchester are directly connected to a number of integrations through Mews Marketplace.


HotelAppz is a cloud-based CRM and marketing platform that helps the Leven team improve guest loyalty, increase direct bookings, and boost customer satisfaction. The direct integration with Mews means it’s easy to set up automations throughout the guest journey, helping to create impactful marketing campaigns.


Xero, powered by Omniboost, is accounting software designed for small businesses. It connects with Mews to allow for real-time data transfer as well as a daily transfer of revenue and payment data between both systems. This removes the need for any time-consuming manual processes for the Leven accounting and reservations teams.

Looking ahead

Leven Manchester may be a young hotel, but they’re incredibly ambitious. They aim to become the go-to hotel for meaningful stays in Manchester, as well as a creative hub for the local neighborhood. Exploring new automations throughout the guest journey is also high on the list, with the intention of creating an even more personalized guest experience.

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