MAH Hotel customer story

MAH Hotel manages multiple spaces with Mews

The Belgian hotel offers day use and co-working space and sees impressive booking conversion rates. 

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booking engine conversion rate




higher average value for direct bookings


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“Mews is an exciting solution because they’re constantly releasing new features. Because they’re cloud-native, you don’t have to wait years for development or install new software every time.”

Direct booking with upsells



MAH Hotel wanted a booking engine that would not only drive high conversions but also provide a variety of upselling options for guests.



Mews Booking Engine has a clean, intuitive user journey to encourage users to make a reservation. MAH Hotel also use the free Mews price widget so that guests can see the direct booking price compared to and Expedia rates. It’s also simple to add bookable extras for each room, increasing the total value of the booking. For instance, when booking a room, guests can book three types of breakfast rate: adult, child and takeaway.



• 8.3% booking engine conversion rate (3.3% is average for independent hotels)
• 9% higher average value for booking engine bookings (compared to channel manager)

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Easy to manage day use spaces



MAH Hotel welcomes a large number of business guests, both local and traveling through, who need to be able to book spaces for day use only.



Overnight stays, day use rooms and co-working spaces are all bookable by guests and managed in Mews Operations. Each of these use cases has a separate booking engine, allowing guests to select the right space for their needs while maximizing revenue for the hotel.



• Hundreds of day use reservations created in 2022

“Mews makes it easy to manage multiple spaces, which is a necessity for modern hospitality. There’s no switching between different systems which saves our team valuable time.”

Integration spotlight


The Cubilis channel manager has a two-way integration with Mews that means availability and rates are always kept up to date without the need for manual data entry. This helps MAH Hotel offer their rooms to a wide reach of potential customers without the risk of overbooking.


Lightspeed is a POS solution that allows MAH Hotel to seamlessly connect their restaurant and bar. With the direct Mews integration, orders can be added directly to the guest’s profile within Mews Operations, while flexible menu management and tableside ordering improves processes for staff and guests.

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