Maison Juste customer story

Maison Juste thrives with a digital guest journey and seamless tech

The French hybrid hospitality hotel has a connected tech ecosystem that includes automated payments and a seamless guest journey. 

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14.7% booking engine conversion rate


Zero chargebacks


100% of card payments automated

About Maison Juste

Maison Juste is a modern hotel in Marseilles that blends the hotel, apartment and co-living experience. There is no front desk and no physical keys, so guests access their rooms via their smartphone, and the brand has a strong commitment to sustainability, working with local artisans and suppliers.  

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“Mews gives us payments peace of mind because we know that whether the guest is paying by card or any alternative method, the transaction will be fast and secure.”

Marie Collet
Sales and Admin Manager, Maison Juste

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Secure, easy-to-action payments


Hotels need to handle an increasingly diverse range of payment methods securely while keeping internal processes fast and effortless.


Every card payment to Maison Juste is automated through Mews Payments. This guarantees a high level of security while also cutting down on manual work for staff. Once a guest has departed, if they still have an outstanding bill, staff can action a payment request via email with a single click in Mews. Payment can then be made swiftly by the guest through their preferred method.


• 100% of card payments automated through Mews Payments
• 91% of post-stay payment requests completed at first time of asking
• 16% of post-stay payments made through Apply Pay
• Zero chargebacks

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Outstanding booking engine performance


Some OTAs charge as much as 20% commission rates, so it’s vital that hotels have a reliable and effective means of direct booking on their own website.


Maison Juste uses Mews Booking Engine to give potential guests a modern, user-friendly booking journey. If the selected dates are unavailable, it automatically suggests similar dates to reduce drop-off. Once the room is selected, guests can book a number of add-ons including breakfast, flowers and pet reservations.


• 14.7% booking engine conversion rate (industry average for independent hotels is 3.3%)

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“The Mews Booking Engine is really powerful. Not only can we easily set up multiple versions for different groups, but it’s also easy to manage add-ons and boost upsells.”

Marie Collet
Sales and Admin Manager, Maison Juste

Integration spotlight


AeroGuest helps to create a seamless digital guest experience by bringing the user journey to the guest’s smartphone. Maison Juste guests now receive updates via their phone by SMS and the app, if installed, improving engagement.

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Cubilis is a channel manager that makes it easy for hotels to manage availability and prices across multiple booking channels. A two-way integration with Mews means that any bookings are directly reflected in Mews Operations, meaning inventory is always up to date and eliminating overbookings.

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