Northern Lights Village customer story

Northern Lights Village sees huge time savings for staff and guests

The unique Finnish accommodation and activity brand combines modern hotel tech with timeless nature to create remarkable guest experiences.

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Up to

2 hours

saved per day through automated tasks

Automated payments at


for cards

ADR up by


for guests who check in online

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“Our main reason for choosing Mews was the open API. What also instantly stood out to us about Mews was the attractiveness of the user interface, and the cloud-based factor, which allows us to access it from anywhere.”

A check-in experience that benefits guest and staff



Traditional check-in practices including paper registration cards are time-consuming and a hassle for front desk staff.



By using the Mews Passport Scanner, the Northern Lights Village team are able to save time, cut errors and reduce paper thanks to instant digital scanning. Guest can also check-in online and sign a digital registration card, allowing the front desk to give them a faster and more attentive welcome experience.



• 15% of guests check in online at Northern Lights Village Levi
• 38% higher ADR for guests who check in online
• 87% online check-in success rate

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“Mews' automation saves a lot of manual typing by the night receptionist, who is instead now free to help out with housekeeping and cleaning. Before it used to take almost two hours to manually input guest names when we were fully booked!”

One-click payments and convenience for guests



Northern Lights Village wanted a fully integrated payments ecosystem that would make it convenient for guests to pay how they want and easy for their team to process these payments.



With Mews Payments, every transaction is fast, secure, and automatic. Once a guest provides their payment details, the team are able to action one-click payments, whether the guest has used a card or alternative payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay.



• 100% of card transactions are automated
• Mews Terminals provide a fully connected payments journey

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“I love how straightforward Mews is to use, especially Mews Payments. One-click payments and the charge-and-close button are awesome, and it’s great being able to filter reports to show such granular detail.”

Housekeeping that runs like clockwork



Before Mews, the housekeeping team required a lot more management, including frequent updates about which room was ready to be serviced.



The Mews housekeeping app provides real-time status updates so the team know when to attend to rooms without needing to call reception. Each team member can filter to see rooms assigned to them in a clear task overview and then update each task directly on the app, which is immediately reflected in Mews Operations.



• The app is used by 29 unique users at Northern Lights Village
• Big time savings and streamlining for both housekeeping and front desk teams
• A near 50/50 split with iOS and Android usage

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“The beauty of Mews is that people know where to find things, to the extent that they’re much more autonomous. Now, communication with housekeeping is just for special requests that we receive. Housekeeping supervisors go through and things just get done without us even seeing there’s a housekeeping team hard at work. It’s like magic!”

Integration spotlight

Northern Lights Village connects to more than 15 integrations via Mews Marketplace.


Bookboost is a guest messaging tool that provides multi-channel website chat and automated messaging. It connects Mews to Northern Lights Village’s social media platforms and other comms channels, helping to manage more effective CRM and marketing campaigns.


Profitroom is designed for leisure hotels and resorts, with an integrated online booking engine, guest messaging and sales platform. It can handle both online and offline bookings, which automatically synchronize with Mews to save time, reduce errors and cut down on overbooking.
“What really matters to me is how the team feels about the PMS. Mews is not just a tool they feel they must use, but a tool they enjoy using to make their daily tasks easier.”

Looking ahead

Northern Lights Village is well positioned to take advantage of the growing desire for unique experiences when traveling. They recently launched a stunning new website that will encourage more direct bookings and continue to boost occupancy, while André has assured us that any new Northern Lights hotels will also use Mews.

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