PALM Hotel & Spa customer story

With Mews, PALM Hotel & Spa offers a five-star guest experience in a tropical paradise

The five-star luxury hotel in Réunion relies on Mews for operational efficiency, matching the level of guest service to its divine location.

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VAT fraud


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“In terms of operations, Mews opened up the possibility of working simultaneously on multiple files, which is a huge time saver for our employees.”

Payment security that prevents VAT fraud



The French hospitality industry saw a rise in VAT fraud because of security issues with POS systems. PALM Hotel & Spa wanted a certified PMS that guarantees payment security.



Mews has an NF525 certificate, meaning that POS systems comply with specific EU standards designed to prevent VAT fraud. In other words, it fully conforms with French fiscal legislation. While some POS solutions allow for grey areas in avoiding tax payments, Mews ensures stringent data conservation. Running on a certified hospitality cloud empowers the PALM Hotel & Spa team to deliver the highest degree of payment security and business integrity to their guests.



• Full protection against VAT fraud
• The highest level of payment security and business integrity

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“Not only do we get regular updates with Mews, but it also empowers us to optimize our time and skills.”

Using Mews to deliver a five-star guest experience



To further boost operational success, PALM Hotel & Spa looked to switch to an agile and innovative hospitality cloud, as their previous provider wasn’t prioritizing ongoing product development.



As a five-star luxury property, PALM Hotel & Spa aims to provide second-to-none guest experiences. In Mews, they found a partner that helps them curate a seamless guest experience by automating repetitive tasks. Their ambitious team loves the unlimited connectivity offered by Mews Marketplace and all the new features that keep rolling out. With so many possibilities wrapped in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, the team can focus on delivering personalized service that inspires absolute relaxation.



• An unbeatable tech stack that drives more revenue
• Access to 750+ integrations

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Centralized communication that saves time and energy



Phone calls, post-its and shared Excel sheets aren't the most efficient means of communication. They consume time and energy, leaving behind a trail of disorientated staff and unfinished tasks.



PALM Hotel & Spa uses Mews to centralize communication, making it super easy to see tasks or report maintenance and supply-chain needs. Keeping everything in one place streamlines operations, ensuring no information gets lost. The PALM Hotel & Spa team is more connected than ever – staff can message each other, contact whole departments or create group threads to save time when ensuring that tasks are carried out.



• Centralized communication that leads to more efficiency
• Shorter response times

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