Pierres d’Histoire customer story

Pierres d’Histoire boosts revenue and guest engagement

The Luxury French brand uses Mews across multiple space types to maximize profits and efficiencies.

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13% higher ADR through direct bookings

compared to channel managers


35% online check-in rate


€88,000 made in wedding reservations

over one month, managed within Mews

About Pierres d’Histoire

Pierres d’Histoire offers a series of stunning houses across France for truly unforgettable stays. Each of their seven locations is steeped in history and unique in style, with a variety of suites and contained private residences served by a dedicated onsite team.

As well as accommodation, the group specialize in other space types. Le Domaine de Ravenoville is a popular wedding venue while Le Domaine de Courances host seminars. All of these different space types are managed within Mews, which allows the Pierres d’Histoire team to focus on providing memorable guest experiences.

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“It’s only been a few months but we can already see what a different Mews has made across many areas of our operations. Automation has helped to generate more revenue and give our team more time to spend with guests.”

Domitille Quennec
Marketing and Sales Manager, Pierres d’Histoire

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A fast and efficient guest journey


The Pierres d’Histoire team wanted to offer a choice of user journeys so that each guest has an experience tailored to their preferences.


Through Mews Guest Journey, Pierres d’Histoire guests get a seamless user journey that can be fully digital and contact-free if they wish. Reservations can be made quickly and easily through Mews Booking Engine, and guests can use Online Check-in and Online Check-out so that they can spend more time immersed in their surroundings once they’re there.


• 35% of guests check in online
• 12% of guests check out online
• 13% higher ADR on bookings made through Mews Booking Engine compared to through channel managers

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Multiple space management within Mews


Domaine de Ravenoville is nestled in the countryside near the Normandy coast, making it a perfect location for weddings. Previously, managing wedding parties had to be done separately, outside the PMS.


With Mews, Pierres d’Histoire can manage their event space in the same platform as their rooms and other spaces. As well as saving their team time, this also makes it much easier to manage reservations and finances in the same place and using unified guest profiles.


• €88,000 of wedding reservations revenue processed between Feb-Mar in 2022

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“It’s much easier to manage reservations and finances when it’s all done through the same system. Mews has simplified our processes and made life easier for our Reservations Team.”

Domitille Quennec
Marketing and Sales Manager, Pierres d’Histoire

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A secure, time-saving payment solution


Taking and making payments can be a time-consuming part of guest interaction, and one that adds no real value to their experience.


Mews Payments champions payment automation that makes transactions fast and seamless. Once the guest provides their payment details (such as during online check-in), Pierres d’Histoire can action payments at any step in their journey with just a couple of clicks. The information is tokenized and handled with the highest security protocols, meaning that as well as time saved, it reduced the risk of fraud.


• Payment automation for credit card transactions through Mews Payments
• Zero chargebacks

Integration spotlight

Pierres d’Histoire connect to a number of integrations directly through Mews Marketplace, hospitality’s biggest app store.


SiteMinder is a channel manager that gives Pierres d’Histoire real-time connection to over 400 booking channels. The integration with Mews automatically updates price, restrictions and availability between Mews Operations and the booking channels, reducing overbookings while giving guests up-to-date information.

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Mailchimp is industry-leading marketing software that specializes in designing, sending and optimizing emails. The Mailchimp and Mews integration means that the team can automatically add contacts from Mews to their mailing list and increase their proportion of direct booking thanks to targeted email campaigns.

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Looking ahead

Pierres d’Histoire will continue to explore how to bring in extra revenue and provide additional services by using multiple spaces. The team also plan to test more of the solutions on Mews Marketplace and expand their technology ecosystem to make the guest journey even more seamless.

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