Villas Foch customer story

Villas Foch and Mews combine for the best in boutique 

The French boutique hotel and spa has created a seamless guest experience while maximizing revenue. 

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€18 higher average room price

for direct bookings compared to channel managers 


84% higher RevPAR

 in second summer with Mews compared to first 

6.5% booking engine conversion rate

About Villas Foch

Villas Foch is a five-star boutique hotel and spa in downtown Bordeaux, France. Each space is stunningly designed and decorated, combining the elegance of the building’s 19th century origins with all the modern amenities and experiences that a 21st century guest would expect. In addition to its rooms and suites, the hotel provides a spa and swimming pool, meeting spaces and a bar, also managed through Mews. 

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“We chose Mews because it was straightforward to use and understand, particularly for people whose background is outside of hospitality. This simplicity allows us to really focus on creating memorable experiences for our guests.”

Marie Coatanea
Front Office Manager, Villas Foch

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Big wins through direct bookings


In order to encourage guests to make direct bookings via their website, Villas Foch needed a solution that combined a smooth guest journey with the ability to maximize revenue.


By using Mews Booking Engine, Villas Foch are able to add multiple rates to each room or suite (flexible, non-refundable, breakfast included) while also add multiple add-ons (parking, transfers, wine tours) that guest can purchase with just a single click. The user journey is streamlined with a modern interface, resulting in a high conversion rate for visitors.


• €18 higher average room price for direct bookings compared to channel managers
• 6.5% booking engine conversion rate (3.3% is the average for independent hotels)

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Simplified operations, smoother guest journey


Villas Foch is owned by medical professionals who pursued their lifelong dream of running a remarkable hotel. As such, their hospitality cloud needed to be intuitive while driving great results.


By championing automation, Mews simplifies or eradicates many of hospitality’s traditional, time-consuming tasks. A modern UI makes operational management much simpler; key integrations can be added without fuss; payment requests can be sent with a single click. This also gives the team more time to focus on guests.


• 34% higher ADR in second summer with Mews compared to first
• 84% higher RevPAR in second summer with Mews compared to first
• 87.5% payment success rate

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“In the two years we’ve been with Mews, we’ve seen great results. But what we really appreciate is that they don’t rest on their laurels: there are always new features and integrations, and it feels like it keeps getting better.”

Marie Coatanea
Front Office Manager, Villas Foch

Integration spotlight

D-EDGE Channel Manager

Enjoyed by over 20,000 users, D-EDGE Channel Manager is a leading hotel distribution solution. Villas Foch is able to display live rates and availability on over 300 booking channels, helping to avoid overbooking, control their rate strategy and maximize occupancy.

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Experience Hotel

Experience Hotel is a customer relations and experience tool aimed at boosting guest loyalty. It’s a wide-ranging solution that covers reservation confirmations, emails, check-in and beyond, capturing rich guest data that allows the team to better segment and personalize their comms.

View Experience Hotel

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“We feel that we can ask the Mews support team any questions we have, and we always get a quick answer with a video to Mews University to help explain it.”

Marie Coatanea
Front Office Manager, Villas Foch

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