Get ready for the great reopening

After a long year, the world is preparing to open its doors to travellers once more. Make sure your property and your team are in the best shape to welcome guests and provide remarkable hospitality.


A message from Matt

We’re all in this together. Watch Matt's message about how we’re doing everything we can to help our hoteliers come out on top. Think of it like an inspirational pep talk.

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Prepare for the reopening

Whether you’re reopening from closed or scaling up operations again, it’s a good idea to refresh yourself with how Mews works. Here’s what you can do to ensure you’re prepared to make the next few months a success.

Train and retrain your staff

To make training seamless, we’ve introduced new role-based learning paths with more concise, tailor-made content for your team. This way you can get everyone up to speed in no time.

Get up to speed

Test in your demo environment

The best way of learning is by doing. Use the demo environment to test your knowledge without the fear of making mistakes and impacting real guests.

Set up a demo environment

Explore our help center

400+ FAQs. 50+ video tutorials. Dozens more specific use-case articles. Our expanded, comprehensive help center should be your first port of call for any questions.

Explore the help center

Check our operations checklist

Make sure you don’t miss anything with an operations checklist, full of tips on tasks that should be part of shift handovers, shift planning, cashiers, and reporting.

Check the checklist

Track performance with the leaderboard

Find out how your property is performing compared to others with the Mews leaderboard. Your hotel is ranked across a number of areas around guests, management and payments

Track your performance

Attend Mews University Live Sessions

These free video trainings can be attended by anyone in your team, and are a chance to ask questions, meet other hoteliers, and refresh knowledge about the Mews platform.


Mews Analytics

What’s new at Mews?

Maybe it’s been a while since you logged into Mews. Or maybe, with everything going on, you missed some of our updates. Either way, no worries. Here are some of our most important releases from the last year.

Billing screen

We improved the functionality of our billing screen and group billing to make it even easier to handle bills.

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Reservation report updates

Reservation reports are now more powerful and flexible than ever, helping you to see the exact data that you need.

Read more

Mews Analytics

Mews Analytics is business intelligence that gives you detailed, chain-level insights into your property's performance.

Read more

More granular workplace privileges

You now have even more control about which members of your team can access specific parts of the system, increasing security for your property and cutting the chance of mistakes.

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Multiple charges from a single authorization

As part of PSD2, once a guest has used two-factor authentication to make their first payment, all further charges with the same card can be processed automatically.

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Going contact-free

The pandemic has accelerated the need for safer user journeys and contact-free experiences. If you’re thinking of introducing more digital touchpoints, these articles and guide should be a great help.

The contact-free hotel: A vision of the new hospitality

A blog post about what the typical new guest journey should look like in a contact-free world, and how Mews can help you to achieve it.

Read the blog

The art of hospitality in a post-Covid world

Worried that going contact-free will take away from your unique guest experience? This in-depth piece considers the balancing act that hoteliers have to play.

Read the blog

A guide to going contact-free with Mews

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up your property and your system for a contact-free guest journey, from booking to pre-arrival, arrival, stay and departure.

Read the guide

Covid-19 contact-free integrations

These great hotel tech solutions existed before Covid, but they’re now more relevant than ever, helping staff and guests stay safe at your property.

See the integrations

Get Premium Support

24/7 dedicated support hotline and live chat, live tutorial video calls, and more

If you’d like extra support for the great reopening and beyond, the Mews Premium Support team is able to provide remarkable service round the clock

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