Hotel Space Management

The new way to manage spaces

Go beyond rooms and overnight bookings to unlock profit and attract more guests. With Mews Spaces you can manage bookings for every space from an hour to months or more – all in your PMS.

The new way to manage spaces
The new way to manage spaces
The new way to manage spaces-1

Benefits of space management with Mews 

Increase revenue

Monetize more with bookings by the hour, the day, the night or even months. 

Adjustable rates 

Automate rates and rules for parking, meeting rooms or any other area. 


Say goodbye to overbookings and hello to streamlined space management. 

Fully integrated 

Manage all your spaces and reservations from the same PMS.

Increased visibility 

Put additional services in front of guests when they book their stays.

Maximize your property's potential

Unlock more revenue effortlessly

Look around. Could you be earning more money, attracting more guests and improving the guest experience but you’re limited by your property management system?  

Any type of space. Any length of time.

More ways to monetize

Boost your profit effortlessly. Our innovative platform empowers you to generate more revenue and improve guest experiences simply by managing all your booking services the same way you manage overnight accommodations.

With Mews Spaces, it’s all connected.

More bookable services


Parking spaces


Meeting rooms


Bike rentals


Party rooms


Co-working areas

More time units 









“Mews allows us to go beyond rooms. For instance, we can manage meeting room spaces in exactly the same way in the same platform, generating extra revenue without extra hassle.”

Solutions for today’s travelers 

Keep pace with the modern guest’s needs

Attract more guests – from digital nomads to locals – with built-in solutions that keep you competitive and ready to respond to the hottest trends in hospitality and travel.

Keep pace with the modern guest’s needs

Long stays

Make it easy for students and digital nomads to book by the month


Co-working memberships

Attract locals and boost repeat revenue


Day-use rooms

Give guests more options for using your rooms


Pop-up event spaces

Turn unused areas into more ways to bring people in

Channel manager integrations 

Level up your ecosystem

Expand on your current capabilities to attract more guests and grow your revenue even more. Integrations with leading reservation management systems for meeting rooms and parking lots make it easy to reach more customers effortlessly. 


The smarter way to manage
any type of booking


Cost-effective revenue growth

  • Unlock repeat revenue with monthly memberships
  • Lower cost of acquisition by upselling to existing guests
  • Increase bookings by adding services to your booking engine
  • Sell the same space by the hour, for more sales throughout the day

Simplify operations for staff

  • Use one reporting system for all your spaces and bookings
  • Train faster with all reservations in one platform
  • Eliminate messy, manual error-prone bookings  
  • See all your reservation types in one intuitive timeline 
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Improve guest experience

  • Offer the peace of mind that comes with booking parking with a room
  • Streamline payments with one bill for all bookable services
  • Reduce overbookings thanks to modern, automated reservations
  • Save guests money with more length of stay options

Make it remarkable.

Ready to take the first step towards a more efficient, flexible, guest-centric approach to hospitality?


What is Mews Spaces?

Mews Spaces transforms the way you use, manage and sell every square meter of your property. The same PMS you use for your guest rooms can now be used to manage parking spaces, meeting spaces, co-working spaces, extended stays and just about any space that you want to offer to your guests.  

How does Mews Spaces streamline the way I manage parking spaces?

By letting you manage parking spaces in your hotel PMS, you have more flexibility on the rates you charge and you can feel confident that when a spot shows as reserved, that it really is. On top of that, you can see parking reservations in the timeline you use to see your guest rooms.

How does Mews Spaces streamline the way I manage meeting rooms?

You don't need to use a separate application to manage your meeting rooms, since Mews Spaces lets you manage them right in your PMS. Plus, just like you show your guests photos of your rooms, you can add photos of the meeting rooms so they'll know exactly what to expect. 

How can monthly bookings in Mews help me increase revenue?

With a growing trend in long-stay reservations from digital nomads, students and business travelers, you can now make it easy for guests to book for a month, a year or anything in between,  directly in your booking engine.  

What is the benefit of hourly bookings?

Hourly bookings let you re-imagine the way you sell your spaces and attract more guests. Not only can guests feel more comfortable booking and paying for a space for just the time they need it, but you can also sell the same space multiple times a day to boost your profit.