Hotel Space Management  

The new way to manage spaces 

Go beyond rooms and overnight stays. From hourly to monthly bookings, and more ways to monetize your property, Mews lets you unlock profit and attract more guests.  


Benefits of space management with Mews 

Mews gives you the automation you need to throw away error-prone spreadsheets and benefit from a more efficient way to manage spaces from hours to months.  

Increase revenue

Monetize more areas of your property in more time units to diversify revenue and boost profit.

Variable rates 

Adjust and automate rates for parking, meeting rooms and more, and watch how easily revenue goes up.


Reduce the risk of overbookings, human error, and time-intensive processes to create long-stay reservations.

Fully integrated 

One platform for meeting rooms, parking spaces, accommodations and payments simplify staff training.

parking space management
Parking space management 

The modern way to manage parking 

Make managing your parking spaces more efficient for your staff and stress-free for your guests with Mews Spaces for Parking. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to digitalization and automation in your PMS.


Flexible rate management  

Use dynamic pricing to adjust the price of parking by the day, the hour or the season. 

Reduce overbookings 

A digital booking engine replaces manual updates and reduces the risk of costly, unexpected overbookings. 

Seamless guest experience 

Guests can book parking at the same time they book their room or during online check-in, giving them peace of mind from the start.  

Easier integrated payments 

Handle payments for parking and accommodations in the same place at the same time for easier bookkeeping and better guest experience. 
Meeting spaces  

Maximize meeting room profit

Whether it’s reaching more guest or simply a better way to manage your meeting spaces, Mews removes some of the biggest challenges of marketing, selling and booking meeting rooms.  


One form for all bookings

With everything managed in Mews, you can save your guests the hassle of filling out multiple forms for multiple bookings.

Attract more guests 

Just like you show photos and descriptions of your rooms, Mews makes it easy to show photos and specifications for your meetings spaces too.   

Makes integrations more effective 

By managing meeting rooms in Mews, you’ll unify reporting, make modifications automatic and be able to sell across more channels. 
meeting spaces
flexible time units

Flexible time units 

Attract more types of guests and watch your revenue rise with the ability to sell rooms and spaces by the hour, the day or even the month. 


Day-use rooms 

Unlock more ways to sell rooms and spaces. From guest rooms to workspaces, let customers buy them by the day.  

Hourly bookings 

Why sell a space once a day when you can sell it multiple times every day? With hourly bookings, it’s easy to multiply your profit.  


Attract more long-term guests with specially priced options and the ability to book a room for a month as effortlessly as it is to book one night. 

Ongoing memberships 

Unlock repeat revenue with memberships to your fitness center, pool, parking lot or anywhere else you want people to keep coming back to. 

“Mews allows us to go beyond rooms. For instance, we can manage meeting room spaces in exactly the same way in the same platform, generating extra revenue without extra hassle.”


Make it remarkable.

Ready to take the first step towards a more efficient, flexible, guest-centric approach to hospitality?


What is Mews Spaces?

Mews Spaces transforms the way you use, manage and sell every square meter of your property. The same PMS you use for your guest rooms can now be used to manage parking spaces, meeting spaces, co-working spaces, extended stays and just about any space that you want to offer to your guests.  

How does Mews Spaces streamline the way I manage parking spaces?

By letting you manage parking spaces in your hotel PMS, you have more flexibility on the rates you charge and you can feel confident that when a spot shows as reserved, that it really is. On top of that, you can see parking reservations in the timeline you use to see your guest rooms.

How does Mews Spaces streamline the way I manage meeting rooms?

You don't need to use a separate application to manage your meeting rooms, since Mews Spaces lets you manage them right in your PMS. Plus, just like you show your guests photos of your rooms, you can add photos of the meeting rooms so they'll know exactly what to expect. 

How can monthly bookings in Mews help me increase revenue?

With a growing trend in long-stay reservations from digital nomads, students and business travelers, you can now make it easy for guests to book for a month, a year or anything in between,  directly in your booking engine.  

What is the benefit of hourly bookings?

Hourly bookings let you re-imagine the way you sell your spaces and attract more guests. Not only can guests feel more comfortable booking and paying for a space for just the time they need it, but you can also sell the same space multiple times a day to boost your profit.