Mews Operations

Operate smarter with a modern PMS

So powerful yet so easy to use.

Mews Operations saves staff as much as 10 hours every week, offers more ways to maximize your property's potential, and lets you focus on delivering remarkable hospitality.

mews operations
hospitality operations
Reservation management

Reservation solutions that boost efficiency

Replace manual, time-consuming processes with a drag-and-drop timeline and automation that optimizes room assignments in one click. It's just that simple.

Rate management

Manage rates for maximum profit

Make your rate management software work for you – not constrain you. Set your rates, rules, products and segments, and optimize them to boost profit and occupancy.

increase in ADR over their first three months. Bush Hotel Farnham
hotel operations platform
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Front desk software

Empower your staff to focus on guests

We give you the technology, automation and easy-to-use platform to save time and hassle at the front desk and instead let you focus on creating remarkable guest experiences and happier staff.

saved per week for every front of house staff. The Central House 
Space management

Monetize more of your property

Go beyond rooms and automate bookings for everything from parking spots to co-working spaces. From hourly to monthly bookings, we make it easy to increase ancillary revenue. 

space management
housekeeping management
Data and reporting

Let the data drive your decisions

Get a full picture of your property’s health with data and reporting for one property or all your properties.  

data and reporting

“We have been with Mews for several years and you can see how they’ve helped us to perform consistently well. Occupancy, revenue, guest satisfaction: it’s all there in the data.”

Romain Stern, Head of Sales & Revenue Management, 9Hotel Collection

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Everything you need to improve your hospitality operations



We've been in the cloud since day one. Cloud solutions are in our DNA.


Whatever your size, whatever your
segment, Mews works. 


Save hours every week with automation across your property. 


Your business revolves around the guest. So does Mews.

Easy to use

Modern, intuitive and designed for today's staff needs.


Lower your costs, increase your revenue and grow your profit. 

Make it remarkable.

Ready to take the first step towards a more efficient, flexible, guest-centric approach to hospitality?