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Mews Operations

With so many connected, moving parts, your hospitality operations platform needs to be remarkable. Mews Operations is a smart, powerful solution that puts you in control of reservation and revenue management, front-office operations, and housekeeping.

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Reservation Management

Stop switching between tabs for reservations. Handle all your bookings, track availability and access different views from a centralized, real-time dashboard. Specialized group management features and assignment strategies make Mews reservation management the complete package.

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Revenue Management

Make sure every space is generating what it should in order to maximize your profits. Mews Operations lets you optimize inventories and rates for your unique property needs, with flexible rules, package rates and integrations with specialist revenue management providers if required.

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Ditch the pen and paper and stop the frequent calls to front desk. Busy housekeepers can manage their work from mobile devices via a housekeeping app, with instant digital status updates, while real-time reporting and smart scheduling make your team more efficient. 

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Front-office operations

The more power your front desk has, the more they can focus on the people in front of them. Provide outstanding service to your guests with a coordinated solution that tracks tasks and communication, giving your team the power to customize each guest journey.

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Transform your operations and empower your team to work better.

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