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Focus on what's important to the hospitality sector: increasing guest revenue and meeting the needs of the modern-day guest. Mews for Salesforce makes it easy to personalize communications so every guest feels like a VIP.

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Mews for Salesforce helps you create 360-degree profiles for guests and companies. Use the Mews guest data model to mold your Salesforce CRM into a hospitality marketing platform and reap the rewards that come from providing outstanding guest experiences.


Drive relevant offers when guests are most likely to say yes to them


Give staff a helping hand with new ways to let guests know about products and service they’ll enjoy


Boost guest loyalty with targeted communications that matter to them

Personalization at every step

With Mews for Salesforce, all the valuable guest information in your PMS can be quickly used by your Salesforce CRM to deliver meaningful messages at key moments in the guest journey.

  • Before arrival

    Get return guests excited about their visit with offers based on their history before they even get to the hotel. Did they use spa services or have a fruit basket delivered to their room? By linking guest data with Salesforce, you can surprise them with relevant and thoughtful suggestions to make their experience even better.

  • During their stay

    Take the responsibility of upselling off staff and let Salesforce messaging target recommendations based on their activities. With relevant – and usable – data about their party and activities, you’ll be able to text or email with products they may enjoy throughout their stay with you.

  • After check-out

    Loyalty doesn’t end at check-out. Instead, it requires constant nurturing. With so much rich data about guests and their interests in your Salesforce CRM, you’ll be able to uplevel your campaigns to share the most relevant promotions and offers with guests. Continue to reap the rewards that come with a relationship built on loyalty and attention.


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Quick to set up

No configuration required; no technical expertise needed.


Rich data profiles

As a guest-centric platform, Mews helps you create actionable profiles with our proven data model


Track guest spend

Make informed decisions with an accurate picture of the spending power of guests and companies

Mews & Salesforce

From its start in 2012, Mews has been committed to designing technology that puts the guest at the center of the system. Salesforce Ventures recognizes this, and in December 2021 announced their decision to make a strategic investment in Mews.

Created as part of this collaboration, the Mews for Salesforce app empowers Salesforce to launch a strong presence in the hospitality space. The app will be the first listing in the Salesforce App Exchange that allows hoteliers to directly transfer rich guest data into the Salesforce environment via application software, solving for a long-time hotelier headache: the inability to reap the benefits of integrating customer data which is held separately in a CRM and a PMS.

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