Payment terminals 

Fast, accurate payment processing in a tap 

One small machine. Lots of big benefits. Simplify and secure payments with payment terminals that integrate directly with your Mews PMS

Payment terminals

Benefits of using Mews Terminals


Payments go straight from Mews Terminal to the PMS – no paperwork needed.

Card saved securely 

Guests can purchase incidentals during their stay without the need to show their cards repeatedly.


One payment terminal, one vendor, and the option to accept a variety of payment methods.


Full PCI compliance and card tokenization in every tap for safety and protection you can your guests can trust.

Fully integrated payment processing

Process payments straight from your PMS 

Our fully integrated payment terminals can save time, reduce paper waste and eliminate the risk of mistyping card numbers or the hassle of saving paper slips. Our payment terminals can automatically read the card information and initiate the payment straight from Mews PMS. No paper to print. No manual delays. Just instant processing and updating. 

less time on card handling compared to bank or other card terminals.
Secure card tokenization 

Easy, secure and stored for the future 

When a guest uses our terminals, their sensitive data is replaced with non-sensitive identifiers so it can be stored safely and used again for future charges and payments. 

Tokenized for security 

Your guest taps their physical card once, and their card information is encrypted and saved.  

One-click payments 

Tokenized card details stay with the guest profile for simple, frictionless purchases at any time during their stay. 

Guest spends increase 

When you make it easier to pay, the likelihood of spending more goes up. Mews ensures a convenient easy way to pay. 

Mews Terminal details 


A smart reader with a 5” touchscreen display, ideal for use as a hybrid countertop terminal and/or wireless handheld device.

Power source

USB rechargeable battery or plug-in operation

Payment methods accepted

Accepts EMV chip, contactless, and swipe payments 


End-to-end encryption, P2PE-ready, Fully PCI Compliant 

WiFi enabled


Optional dock

Included for optional Ethernet connectivity 


£24.99 monthly including shipment sales tax if applicable; no integration setup + charging dock 

  • T + 2 payouts 
  • Real-time remote updates 
  • Customizable logo
  • Multi-language support
  • Payments accepted

- US: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover (Including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and contactless cards)  
- EU + UK: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Maestro (Apple/Google Pay). VPAY (supported through Visa brand) Girocard (supported through Visa network) and co-branded Dankort cards over the Visa or Mastercard network.


mews terminal

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