The Green Hotel of the Future

Download your guide to going green and discover how to incorporate sustainability throughout your property.

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What’s in this guide?

Relying on a single source of revenue – rooms, for instance – increases the risk to your business. This guide delivers the best ways to future-proof your property's success by diversifying revenue. If you've never found numbers inspiring, you're in for a big surprise.

Hybrid revenue and better use of space

Through real customer stories, you’ll learn how to capture blended travel, think of space as a resource, and most importantly, build a thriving community that draws in new business.

Upselling and ancillary revenue

Invest in F&B. Maximize upsells. Offer unique experiences. We explore these three areas where there are big gains to be had from a more engaged, higher-spending guest.

How hotel tech powers revenue-increasing potential

Looking for the best hotel tech solutions? We cover three highest impact areas that help to diversify revenue: Open APIs and integrations, security and payments, and data and AI.

Why should you go green?



72% of travelers say we need to act now and make sustainable travel choices.


Cutting waste goes hand in hand with making savings.


As carbon footprint enablers, our industry needs to offset our damage.

The Green Hotel of the Future


Make it remarkable.

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