10 Ways to Manage Staff Shortages

Get tips on how to run a property with a reduced team, from smart technology that reduces your workload to better staff engagement. 
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What's in this guide?

10 tips for streamlining operations

In the vast majority of cases, it’s possible to run your property and provide great service even with a reduced headcount. Get advice on how to use hospitality tech to reduce your workload, how to be more agile when hiring, and how to better retain your team.

Success stories from hoteliers

Hear from hoteliers who were already working with small teams before the pandemic, and how they manage to use technology and automation while also still providing guests with a personal and memorable experience.

The silver linings
of a smaller team


Streamline operations

Reducing operational bloat can make your departments more efficient, creating more time for your guests. 


Lower costs

Tech and integrations like check-in kiosks and chat bots are a cost-effective way of running your property. 


Boost staff happiness

Giving your team members a more varied role will improve engagement, improving retention rates. 

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