Hospitality Insights with Joanne Dreyfus and Richard Valtr

How does the Leader of Transportation, Hospitality and Services at Deloitte imagine tomorrow's hospitality? And what were her top learnings from 2023? You're a click away from finding out – enjoy Joanne's fantastic insights covering everything from sustainability to the Paris Olympics.

Webinar highlights

Guests are pushing for more sustainability in hotels, prompting hoteliers to embrace green initiatives, from energy-efficient practices to waste reduction

Long stays are influencing how guests choose accommodation – flexible workspaces and local experiences are quickly becoming a necessity

What to expect from the Olympic extravaganza in Paris as hotels, restaurants and local businesses are gearing up to boost revenue



Joanne ​Dreyfus

Joanne ​Dreyfus

Leader of Transportation Hospitality and Services Deloitte

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Richard ​Valtr

Founder, Mews

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