Managing staffing shortages

In part four of our Future of Hospitality series, we discuss the industry’s ongoing staffing shortages. Join our expert panel for advice on how to use hospitality technology to reduce your workload, how to be more agile when hiring, and how to better retain your team.  

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15 June 2022

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13:00 - 15:30 BST


14.00 - 14.15


It’s time to rethink how hospitality manages staffing 

14.15 - 15.10

Discussion with panelists

Ways to streamline operations and reduce costs 

  • The right technology helps hotels streamline operations and eliminate monotonous manual tasks, empowering you to manage your property with a reduced workforce.  
  • Do more with less by improving productivity and freeing up resources. 
  • Reduce your operating costs whilst ensuring great guest satisfaction. 

How to keep your staff and guests happy  

  • Give your team the opportunity to upskill, provide them with the tools they need to manage their productivity and give them a voice to improve employee engagement.  
  • Focus on strategies to retain your team such as role sharing, additional training and flexible automated scheduling.  
  • Give your team the tools they need to focus on effortless experiences for your staff and guests.

Tried and tested – learn from hotels that work this way 

  • Get tips from hotels who have been following this model pre-pandemic, including what technology and strategies they implemented to streamline operations and maintain happy employees.  
  • Discover how automation can actually enhance the human touch by giving staff more time where it’s most necessary and impactful – and how changing guest expectations no longer require human services at every touchpoint.  

15.10 - 15.30


Q&A via interactive app Sli.do

What you will learn


Industry experts walk us through strategies that can inspire change for you and your team


Different technology options that enable you to run your property and provide great service with a reduced headcount 


Live Q&A with a range of hoteliers and tech companies (large and small) 



Jane Pendlebury



Del Ross

CRO, Hotel Effectiveness Solutions


Max Starkov

Hospitality & Online Travel Tech, Consultant & Strategist


Mariusz Siwkowski

Digital Manager, MOA Berlin


Leah Anathan

CMO, Mews


Lucy Eason

Sales Director - North America, Mews

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