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Welcome to Partnership with Mews

As a valued Mews partner, we want to make sure you have all the information you need, so we've put together a one-stop shop for you. On this page you'll find links to details about us, our people, our product, partnership opportunities and our vision for the future of hospitality.

Welcome to Partnership with Mews
Mews and you

Guide to Mews

To us, partnership matters. So, to get you more familiar with Mews, our hospitality platform and what it means to be a Mews Partner, we have a handy presentation complete with all the information you need to know about Mews.  

About Mews

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Want the elevator pitch? Here it is: Mews is an innovative cloud hospitality management system with a PMS, POS and embedded payment solution in one seamless platform. Founded by former hoteliers our mission, since 2012, has been to transform hospitality. We do that by automating repetitive tasks so staff can disengage from technology and spend more time focusing on guests.  

Who’s who

Meet our partnership teams

Our dedicated Partnerships teams are here to support all of our partners and to build long-term relationships that benefit everyone. 

Technical Partner team

Our ecosystem and API technology experts: this group will help ensure integrations are built correctly and the customer-experience is seamless. 

Commercial Partner team

Working side by side with you, our commercial partnership team is the group looking out for your business success.

Partner Marketing team

If we could shout about you from the rooftops, we would. But since we can’t scream that loud, our partner marketing team helps spread the word of your technology to Mews customers.
Learning tools

More to learn about Mews

We’ve shared the basics about Mews and who we are, but there’s so much more to know about how our platform works, the automation that saves time and drives revenue, the simplicity of the user experience, and why 5,000+ customers around the world trust in Mews to power their properties. 

Mews Help Center

Mews Help Center

A massive resource of articles and guides about Mews Hospitality Cloud – from basic information about features and capabilities to detailed instructions on how to use Mews. It’s all here and easily searchable.


Release notes

We release updates to our product all the time – and since we’re cloud native, the new features are automatically uploaded to every customer. See what’s new with Mews on our Release Notes page – and subscribe to receive regular updates.

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Mews Community

Where our customers gather to network, as questions, share tips for success and connect with Mews experts. It’s open for anyone to explore, so feel free to take a look around and see what Mews customers are talking about. 


Behind the integrations

Mews Connector API is at the core of the connection between marketplace partners and us. It's what makes it easy for Mews customers to integrate with your product effortlessly.

Product tours

Product Update

Mews just keeps getting better and better. Check out some of our biggest feature updates and product releases from the past few months

Mews Marketplace Partner Program

Your wants and needs may not be the same as someone else’s. That’s why our Marketplace Partner Program offers three tiers of partnership – so you can find the one that fits you. Read more about the different benefits of each. 


Marketplace content and social assets

Our design team can update Marketplace listings and create assets for use on social media to promote your partnership. Please make your requests using this link:

Mews Consultant Partner Program

Our partner ecosystem is built around two core pillars: customer success and mutual growth. Interested in joining the group that is helping transform hospitality every day? We give you three ways to join the Mews Consultant Partner Program. 

Referral partner

It’s simple. You refer businesses to Mews and receive referral fees in return. 

Preferential Mews platform rates 

Offer preferential Mews platform rates to your referred receive customers.  

Deployment & Training program 

You’ll be trained/certified to deploy Mews and train customers – helping us to get more customers using Mews (and delivering remarkable experiences) faster. 


Mews Consultant Partner Resources 

We work closely with our partners to better serve our customers together. To support this we offer a wide range of enablement materials.

Mews brand assets and information 

We’d love for you to talk us up to your customers and colleagues, but please make sure to stay true to our brand.  Below you can find our boilerplate text and logo file types.

Mews logos

You can download our logos here. You’ll find jpegs, pngs and vectors of various sizes to use as needed.

Download (.Zip)

Mews boilerplate text

Mews is the leading platform for the new era of hospitality. Powering 5,000 customers across more than 85 countries, Mews Hospitality Cloud is designed to streamline operations for modern hoteliers, transform the guest experience and create more profitable businesses.

Customers include Accor, Generator-Freehand, The Strawberry Group, The Social Hub and Les Airelles. Mews was named Best PMS (2024) and listed among the Best Place to Work in Hotel Tech (2021, 2022, 2024) by Hotel Tech Report, as well as World's Best Hotel PMS Provider (2023) and World's Best Independent Hotel PMS Provider (2022, 2023) by World Travel Tech Awards. The company has offices in Europe, the United States and Australia. 

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Strategic Partner team


Partner Marketing team

Customer support

Customer support & connectivity team

Partner support

Technical partner team

Refer a customer

Know a customer that you think could benefit from Mews? Someone who wants to work more efficiently, unlock more revenue and deliver remarkable guest experiences using Mews? Let us know. Fill out the referral form and we’ll contact them right away.   

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