Part I

[Webinar] Accommodating the unpredictable

Part one of our Hospitality and the Coronavirus series. Get pragmatic advice and discuss what we can do to weather the storm.

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30 April 2020

The impact of the Coronavirus is being felt around the world. Every industry has been affected, but the travel bans have been particularly painful for the hospitality sector. As we face sudden cancellations and a sharp drop in bookings, we’re collectively asking: what can we do?


Robin Rossmann profile picture

Robin Rossmann

Managing Director, STR

James Lemon profile picture

James Lemon

Founder, Growth Works (formerly IHG)

Kevin Machefert profile picture

Kevin Machefert

Sales, Marketing & Technology, Machefert Hotels

Thibault Catala profile picture

Thibault Catala

Founder, Catala Consulting (formerly IHG and Four Seasons)

Kevin McCarthy profile picture

Kevin McCarthy

Principal Consultant, McCarthy Consultancy (formerly Movenpick Hotels and Kempinski Hotels)

Angelika Sharma profile picture

Angelika Sharma

Senior Solutions Consultant, OTA Insight

Philip Niemann profile picture

Philip Niemann

Group Vice President APAC, Duetto

Matt Welle profile picture

Matt Welle

Chief Executive Officer, Mews

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