Hospitality is a balancing act. Staying ahead requires not just keeping up with trends but actively shaping them. And while keeping track of never-ending innovations seems impossible, it’s all too easy to get left behind if you sleep on the future. Luckily for your hotel, you’re in safe hands.  

At Mews, we understand the importance of fostering a community that thrives on knowledge, innovation and a dash of humor. That's why we're thrilled to introduce Mews Coffee Corner – a platform where we engage in short, informal conversations with hoteliers, partners, hospitality experts and innovators to unravel the mysteries of our fascinating industry. 

Brewing ideas and insights

This isn't just another webinar or podcast series. Mews Coffee Corner is a space where ideas percolate, opinions are shared, and innovation flourishes. Each 15-minute session aims to challenge conventional thinking, inspire fresh perspectives, and equip our audience with actionable takeaways to tackle the challenges of modern hospitality.  
The next time you’re looking for a break between tasks, grab a coffee and join us.  
Our guests look forward to sharing: 

🚀  Their successes and how to recognize opportunities 
🚀  Tips for operational wins, investing in people and forming the right partnerships  
🚀  Advice for choosing and using the best tech stack

Sip and learn with our Founder and CMO

Our journey kicks off with a candid conversation starring Richard, our illustrious Founder, and Leah, the powerhouse behind our wonderful marketing team (👋). Together, they explore the essence of Mews Coffee Corner – why this format, why now, and what we hope to achieve with this vibrant community of hospitality enthusiasts. 

Exploring growth and scale with BobW

In our next session, Richard sits down with Niko, Co-Founder of BobW – a collection of upscale short-stay apartments across Europe. Niko shares insights gleaned from BobW's recent funding round, delving into the importance of leveraging technology to deliver a premium experience at scale. We also explore how they’re adapting to changing traveler needs and what they’re investing in. 

Partner spotlight with Ligula Hospitality Group and Juyo:
Unlocking data for profitability

Data is the currency of modern hospitality, and in this episode, we dive deep into the world of data automation and analytics with Frederik from Ligula Hospitality Group and Bram from Juyo. Together, they unveil how strategic partnerships and data-driven insights help boost productivity and enhance accountability. We’ll also discuss how it enhances accountability while fueling GOP and NOP growth.

Partner spotlight with Good Hotel and Sojern:
Maximizing revenue through direct bookings 

Join us for another illuminating session with Maurizio from Good Hotel and Roger from Sojern. Together, they explore strategies for maximizing revenue through increased direct bookings, shedding light on the tools and techniques that can empower hoteliers to drive growth and thrive in a competitive market.

Join the conversation

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