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There’s a lot of pressure to perform during summer. For most properties, it’s peak season, and hitting key occupancy and RevPAR targets can make or break your year – at least, that’s how it can feel. 

We can’t tell you how your property performed against your own targets. But we can give you a helpful point of comparison to see how you did versus hospitality as a whole. And as an added bonus, we can spotlight industry trends that could help inform your decision making. 

How exactly? With the Mews Data Snap: Summer 2023


What is the Mews Data Snap?

The Mews Data Snap provides a snapshot of hospitality’s performance during the summer of 2023 across several key areas. We then compare the data with the previous year to see how the industry is evolving – in other words, it’s a great opportunity to see how your property performed compared to the norm. 

FYI, the Mews Data Snap is the smaller, punchier brother of the Mews Data Dive, which provides even deeper analysis and additional metrics. You can view the 2022 Data Dive here


What does the Mews Data Snap cover?

In addition to some of the traditional key metrics for hoteliers, the Data Snap goes beyond beds and tracks performance from other revenue sources throughout the guest journey. It covers: 

  • Occupancy 
  • ADR 
  • RevPAR 
  • Online check-in 
  • Upsells 
  • Additional bookable spaces 

The data is presented in easy-to-understand charts and graphs, so you don’t need a degree in data science to decipher their contents. We also offer some key takeaways about the summer’s performance and highlight some areas where you can boost your revenue. 


Are there region-specific Data Snaps? 

The global Mews Data Snap for Summer 2023 collects anonymized data from thousands of properties across more than eighty properties around the world. You can download this version here

However, we didn’t stop there. We got even more specific and separated out properties in certain regions to create specialized Data Snaps. Feel free to download whichever version(s) suits your needs. 


Download the Mews Data Snap: Summer 2023 Benelux 

Download the Mews Data Snap: Summer 2023 DACH 

Download the Mews Data Snap: Summer 2023 France 

Download the Mews Data Snap: Summer 2023 UK and Ireland

Download the Mews Data Snap: Summer 2023 US and Canada

Download the Mews Data Snap: Summer 2023 Global edition in Spanish