As technology evolves to make the hospitality industry more efficient, especially when it comes to payments, hotel online payment requests are a great way to optimize processes. This way, you ensure that your team isn’t spending time on menial tasks that don’t improve guest satisfaction or staff satisfaction. 

Automating tasks is without a doubt one of the key ways to ensure more efficient hotel operations, and that’s why online payment requests in your hotel are such a good idea.

In this article we will look at the various benefits of this practice from sustainability, to ease, speed, efficiency, simplifying the customer journey, among others. Keep reading to find out all the top eight benefits.

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8 benefits of using online payment requests in your hotel

With the help of technology, the lives of modern hoteliers can be simplified. Check out the top 15 most important technology trends this year.

The simple act of sending requests for payment can help streamline operations, and make requesting and keeping track of payments easier. There are, of course, an array of other benefits, which we will discuss in further detail below.

1. It’s more sustainable

Long gone are the days when people expect paper invoices, and hotels should capitalize on this evolving trend to decrease their carbon footprint by providing digital invoices with online requests for payment.

Digital invoices are easy to keep track of (unlike paper invoices, which can easily get lost) and are a more sustainable alternative to paper. Learn more about the best sustainability practices in hotels

2. It’s easier

Instant gratification is another trend that has been on the rise thanks to the digital era, and by sending a request for payment, this need is more than satisfied. Guests can reserve their stay, and you can immediately send a payment request with a personalized invoice within minutes of booking. 

With your front desk software, you can send requests for payment via email from your Mews Operations system. You will also get notified when you have been paid or if the request expires. This is a simple and easy way of managing payments and not having to worry about collecting payment upon arrival.

3. It’s available worldwide

One of the great things about the global economy is that the physical borders are no longer a barrier. You can accept and receive payments from anywhere and in any type of currency so that you limit the amount of support your multilingual guests need at the time of check-in. This also gives you the facility of working across markets, so that you have the possibility of expanding your global reach.

4. It’s more efficient

When it comes to hotel operations, efficiency is key. This is one of the top benefits of online payment requests: it’s extremely efficient.

You can automate invoices, taking the manual work out of the hands of your front desk, which also reduces the chances of errors. This also means that the front desk will have more time to take care of important tasks and customer service that will help boost guest satisfaction.

Furthermore, it’s incredibly efficient to send the invoices before the guests arrive because it shortens the check-in process, which is a win-win for you and your guests. Guests can be care-free because they will already have reserved and paid for their room, and your hotel staff can dedicate themselves to more productive tasks rather than debt collection.

5. It’s a more straightforward way of keeping track of invoices

One of the tasks that hotel accountants or front desk staff spend most time on is keeping track of invoice status, seeing which have been paid, which are unpaid and which are overdue.

However, when you send requests for payment, the invoices get automatically tracked, so that you can more easily manage pending invoices, and follow up as need be. Digital is a paperless and more straightforward way of doing business.

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6. It’s faster

By sending an invoice prior to arrival, you are likely to get paid faster, which is definitely beneficial to your hotel. This allows you to have more funds available to invest in essential services that will make your guest’s stay better. Plus, faster operations mean you have more time to dedicate to the things that matter.

At the same time, you never want to be fast just for the sake of being fast and thereby sacrifice quality of service. Guests can tell when you’re in a rush, so while the pre-arrival, payments and check-in process should be as fast as possible, make sure to dedicate the necessary time to providing a stellar experience. 

7. It simplifies the customer journey

Simplifying the customer journey is an important part of not only landing the reservations, but also keeping guests coming back. With payment requests, the journey becomes as simple as possible. A guest reserves their room, they get their confirmation and immediately following the confirmation a request to pay for their booking. What’s more simple than that?

Hotels often ask for a credit card number to hold a room but don’t make any charges until arrival, which can lead to confusion. On the contrary, by sending payment before arrival, both your hotel and your guests are clear that they have paid, so it takes the mystery out of the equation leading to a smoother and more simple experience.

8. It allows guests to pay with their method of choice

Now, in addition to there being a range of different currencies, there are also a range of payment methods. By sending requests for payment, guests can choose their method of choice, and have more options beyond just credit cards, cash and check.

Guests instead can pay with online methods such as bitcoin, e-wallets, PayPal and other popular digital wallets. Learn more about the benefits of offering flexible payments.


In this article, we’ve looked at why your hotel should use online payment requests and the top eight benefits of this practice.

When it comes to processes and procedures, the more you can simplify, the smoother your operations will run, and smoother operations without a doubt leads to guest satisfaction because your team is happier when things work well, which immediately translates into better service. 

One of the keys to your success is having a clear and simple customer journey. By using hotel online payment requests, you can be sure that you will have a clearer and less fragmented customer journey, which will in turn lead to a better experience and better impression of your brand.