Mews has been named the Best Property Management System at the 2024 HotelTechAwards. It feels pretty good to type that. Right now, we're experiencing a heady mix of pride and excitement, and we’d love a minute of your time to tell you why.

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What are the HotelTechAwards? 

The HotelTechAwards are run by Hotel Tech Report, the go-to place for reliable hospitality tech reviews and insights. That makes the awards the most coveted in our industry – in other words, winning Best PMS is a big deal. 

Customer reviews are the biggest factor in the awards, although the scoring methodology also takes into account partner recommendations, integrations, global reach and company culture. 

This year, Mews bagged a 100 HT Score. That’s 100 out of 100 – it literally does not get better than that. 

Jordan Hollander, Co-Founder of Hotel Tech Report, had this to say:  

"You may know them from seeing pink news vans driving around Europe, or maybe you saw their massive team dressed like F1 racers at a tradeshow, but at the core of the Mews phenomenon is a rock-solid cutting-edge product.  

“Mews customers rave about the pace of innovation that's constantly being shipped from advanced payments functionality to alternative space utilization features and everything in between. Mews deeply understands that it takes a village to disrupt the status quo and leans on a deep community of integration partners and industry experts to source the best ideas that are changing not just how hotels operate but the very nature of what it means to be a hotel as a Mews customer."

What are hoteliers saying about Mews? 

So how did Mews achieve a perfect score in this year’s awards? Given that customer reviews have the most weight, it feels appropriate to let our Mews hoteliers have their say. Here’s some of their anonymous feedback from the past year – you can find plenty more on the Mews page of Hotel Tech Report.

From a Senior Technology Manager in the US: 

“The user interface is modern and intuitive, the integration marketplace is robust and easy to use (with no fees), implementation is a breeze for those who work with SaaS products, and the feature releases are frequent. Mews is best in class when it comes to flexibility – you can sell rooms, parking spaces, bikes, you name it. If an app is not integrated, you can leverage Zapier or tap into the open API. They've recently released Mews Multi-Property, which unlocks global control of your portfolio as well.”

From a Head of Guest Services in Georgia: 

“The software is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Our new employees have the benefit of working independently after just a week of training. The training platform, Mews University, is also a highlight of our experience with Mews. Nonetheless, the updates of the system and constant improvements is something we find very convenient and means our developer team is hugely invested in the project.” 

From a Head of Front Desk in France: 

“The software is very easy to use and is very complete, with a simple and effective home page. We can create our own reports, support is very responsive when we have questions or problems, and they update [the platform] regularly.”

Multi-award winners 

Winning one award is impressive enough – at least, for most companies. But we’re more ambitious than that, and if we had a trophy cabinet it would be bursting. (Idea for next year’s HotelTechAwards: giant trophies.) 

We’re really proud to feature in Top 10 Places to Work in Hotel Tech and the Top 10 People’s Choice in Hotel Tech. The People’s Choice award is based on number of customer reviews across the year, so we’re thankful to the hundreds of hoteliers who took the time to provide feedback. 

Mews has consistently been named in the best places to work, winning the award two years running in 2021 and 2022. Our People Team works tirelessly to create a special environment that fosters inclusivity, collaboration and high performance.

Do you want to experience the best hotel property management software? 

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