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Since the very beginning of Mews, our goal has been to make a lasting impact on our industry. Founded by ex-hoteliers, we have always been a part of hospitality’s community – not just another vendor that provides a service. In fact, this is the very origins of a mews in its historic sense: an ecosystem of skilled craftsmen that live and work on a self-contained row of houses. A community. 

That’s today’s history lesson finished with. Jump forward to 2022 and we’re excited to talk about the work that we’re doing to build and empower our community, particularly in France, one of our key regions. 


Mews community in France 

At the time of writing, there are more Mews hotels in France than any other country. That means we have a large pool of talented, innovative hoteliers, and we’re keen to get to know them (you) more, as well as providing plenty of opportunities for cross pollination and connection between peers. 

In October this year, we hosted a series of events in France, including a special Customer Advisory Board with some select French customers, as well as a round table event at Lancaster Hotel.


An engaging round table 

We loved hosting Unfold, but given the scale of the event, it’s not practical to host an Unfold every few months – our Marketing team would have a heart attack if we suggested it. However, the round table meeting was the perfect opportunity to engage with our French hoteliers, and one that can be easily replicated throughout our community. 

Not only is it important for us to check in face-to-face, it’s also an opportunity for hoteliers to talk to peers in a relaxed, no-pressure environment. It’s a great place to learn about how others are using Mews Hospitality Cloud, and can be a rich source of information and ideas to put into practice.  

During the morning’s event, we discussed Mews’ roadmap for the next three to four months so hoteliers could get a clear understanding of new features and how they could benefit their hotels. Hoteliers discussed some of the challenges they’re currently facing and their experience with Mews, often resulting in a great idea exchange between colleagues. 

As an added bonus, Katanox, a direct booking API, joined the session and presented its platform to our Parisian hoteliers. Breakfast was served upon arrival and afterwards there was a tour of the hotel so everyone could see how another property operates. 

Why are we telling you all this? In short, because we want to encourage and enable more of the same. With thousands of Mews users across France (and beyond), there’s so much opportunity for leaning and community building. We already have plans afoot to organize more of these round table sessions, and we’d also love any Mews hotelier to take the initiative and organize sessions themselves. In such cases, we’ll also be happy to facilitate, support the event and suggest possible partners to join. 

When we work together to share ideas and best practices, we become a powerful community. One that will keep us all at the forefront of our industry. 

If you’d like to participate in one of our community events, please reach out to your Mews representative.