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Who’s the best person to ask for advice about a product or software that you’re using? Someone who’s already using it. There are thousands upon thousands of Mews users around the world, and this wealth of expertise has gone largely untapped. Until now. 

Say hello to the brand-new Mews Community, a place where Mews users can share knowledge about how to make the most of Mews Hospitality Cloud. Let me tell you more. 


What is Mews Community?

Mews Community is an online hub for all Mews users. It’s a space for hoteliers from all departments – from owners to F&B managers to receptionists – to ask and answer questions about specific use cases, share tips and tricks, and engage in Mews and hospitality-related discussions. 

We’re often asked by our customers for advice about how other properties use Mews. Mews Community cuts out the middleman and lets users ask other users directly. Don’t let our team of solution architects read this, but our community of hoteliers are the true experts. They’re on the front lines, using Mews every day, and are perfectly attuned to the nuances of our powerful and multi-faceted hospitality cloud. 

Maybe you're looking for ways to automate your workflows and cut costs. Maybe you want to learn about kiosk setup. Whatever your query, it’s quite likely that amongst the Mews Community, someone has already nailed the solution to the problem you're trying to solve. And if not, you can quickly create a new post for other community members to answer. 


''I'm excited to see what wonders we can achieve with the help of each other in this community.'' Robin Gustavsson, System & Distribution Coordinator, Ligula Hospitality Group 


How does Mews Community work? 

Mews Community is already up and running. Every current Mews user will be sent login details, and every new user from now on will get their details during the onboarding processes. 

The more you contribute, the higher you’ll move up in the rankings. Not only will this demonstrate your expertise to the rest of the community, but perhaps even more importantly, you’ll earn more badges as you go. This provides a great opportunity for you to build your profile within the industry, create a network of likeminded hoteliers and ultimately get the recognition you deserve. 

And, like a kindly aunt, we’ll be moderating the community, keeping an eye on things to make sure it remains friendly, inclusive and helpful. 


The future of Mews Community 

You probably already know that at Mews, we don’t like to stand still. Just as our solution is always evolving, so too will Mews Community.  

In the near future, it will become a single port of call for Mews users when they have questions or ideas about the platform, rolling in other current touchpoints like our feedback portal.  

Ultimately, the community will facilitate a greater user experience from end-to-end. It will give hoteliers relevant, actionable solutions that they might not have thought about otherwise, and this can have a big impact on day-to-day operations, revenue and the guest experience.  

Want to tap into the unrivalled expertise of Mews hoteliers? Look out for your special invitation via email.