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It’s often said that the summer months are quiet as people depart on well-earned vacation. Despite this, the work doesn’t stop for our Partnerships team (and yes, they do take holiday) as they continue to add more integrations to Mews Marketplace. 

Four new connections were added in August, with a further two just going through their final checks. Want to know more? Here’s what’s new: 

  • BMD 
  • PlatefoRM 
  • Rose Connects 
  • Trivago 

And here’s what’s on the way: 

  • BookVisit 
  • Expect Me 


Partners that went live in August

Could one of our new integrations be the one that helps to transform your operations? Here’s what each of our new additions does. 



BMD software handles all of your property’s tax and accounting needs. From daily bookkeeping through state-of-the-art digital document processing to quick payroll accounting. From balancing accounts to the preparation of financial statements and auditing reports. It’s modern, intuitive, and used by over 30,000 customers. 

View BMD on Mews Marketplace 



PlatefoRM is a decision support tool for revenue and yield management for independent hotels. It gives hoteliers the information needed to optimize revenue and easily visualize all the key performance indicators for a hotel. View your data in dynamic and interactive dashboards and graphs for key indicators like occupancy rate, average price, RevPar, pick-up, competitor positioning and market trends.  

PlatefoRM collects, stores and analyzes the data in order to optimize pricing, distribution and marketing strategies which ultimately will increase your hotel's total revenue. 

View PlatefoRM on Mews Marketplace 


Rose Connects

The Rose Connects app is poised to change the way owners, operators and every team member interacts and uses data. Exciting, right? With solutions for budgeting, forecasting, human capital management and marketing, hoteliers and owners can leverage the power of data to improve your financial position, decision making and improve customer interactions. 

View Rose Connects on Mews Marketplace 


trivago – we need YOU

Already using trivago via a channel manager integration? We’d love your help for Beta testing.  

Try our new direct integration with trivago, meaning you pay only to trivago for CPA or CPC, saving on the channel manager cost. Easy integration with Mews Booking Engine means automatic reservation source tracking and conversion calculation. 

View trivago on Mews Marketplace 


New partners on the way


BookVisit is an e-commerce platform focusing on sales, distribution and digital marketing for independent hotels, resorts, camping sites, B&Bs, hostels and hotel chains. It’s the fastest growing accommodation distribution platform in the Nordics due to an impressive direct booking performance. 


Expect Me

Expect Me helps hotels and hotel guests achieve the ultimate hospitality experience through their unique room selection and upselling platform. Guests can select and guarantee their preferred room directly from a floor plan and detailed room overview. As the guest is taken through an intuitive step-by-step process, they’re presented with any different upsell opportunities that you provide, helping to boost customer value and provide a more personalized experience.


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