New month, new integrations. Mews Marketplace never stops growing, and our Integrations Team have been adding more new tools over the past few weeks.

Here’s what’s new to Mews Marketplace for the month of July:

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Partners that went live in June

hoo (

hoo is a unique distribution channel for your property that maximizes your profits and increases guest satisfaction. Guests can either book now at the list price or make an offer in real-time on your rooms. That empowers you to offer fully dynamic pricing, based on your own occupancy needs without breaching any of your existing rate parity agreements.

With automation enabled and privacy secured, you can simply accept or counter offers without any administrative overhead and, as you would with your own reservations team, incentivize users with exclusive rates or added value, like a free breakfast or room upgrade.

hoo charges 5% commission on all bookings and connects to Mews for real-time availability and inventory updates.

View Hoo on Mews MarketplaceOpenGDS

OpenGDS is a hub for properties to share your availability, rates and extras. It lets you receive reservations from agents using easy-to-integrate APIs to provide worry-free customized booking solutions.

Supported features with Mews include automatic updates for availability, prices and restrictions from Mews to OpenGDS; the ability to receive and modify reservations from OpenGDS to Mews; and the ability to receive add-ons/extras.

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Ropo Capital

Specializing in the Nordic markets, Ropo Capital is a tech forerunner. Their services cover the whole value chain of the receivables lifecycle, from invoice delivery to payment monitoring and receivables management.

Through their platform, they provide full visibility of the invoice lifecycle and help their clients succeed by utilizing this data. They automate and unify invoicing and receivables management, minimize manual data processing, and improve transparency with real-time data access, reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

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New partners on the way – we need YOU

We have a packed pipeline of new integrations that we want to roll out. For some of them, we’re still looking for pilot properties to help us in testing the new connections – if you’d like to help, reach out to your Mews rep.


Amplixs is a Dutch tool that helps you measure the experience and satisfaction of your guests – and then gives you guidance on how to take action so you can make improvements.

Contler – pilot property needed

Contler is a tool that improves the experience of your guests, allowing them to easily make fast requests through their mobile devices via a custom, branded app. You’ll be able to manage all your guest requests in a centralized dashboard, making your service more efficient.

Derbysoft – pilot property needed

Derbysoft provides custom, flexible and high-performance connectivity solutions with unmatched response times and data accuracy. They offer a sophisticated length of stay-based system which results in their ability to support and connect a variety of partners with vastly different data structures.

Expect Me – pilot property needed

Expect Me allows guests to optimize their experience based on personal preferences. Guests are allowed to hand select and guarantee their preferred room, prior to arrival, meaning your hotel provides a more personalized experience and can better exceed their expectations.


Lacoly helps you communicate with your guests via WhatsApp, helping to connect on a personal level and stay in direct contact. The tools helps you easily share important pre-arrival information, collect necessary guest information and upsell with special offers.

Opes Magna

Opes Magna is a marketing and CRM tool that specializes in corporate branding, web design, SEO, Google services, and lead generation to help your business grow.

Smartpricing – pilot property needed

Smartpricing is a revenue management tool that uses tried-and-tested algorithms to manage the prices of your property and increase your turnover by up to 30%.


Snugr provide smart thermostats and heater valves. It makes it really easy for you or your guests to control their room temperature in real-time, making it a better experience for them, while typically cutting your energy bill.


Vendus is easy-to-use online invoicing software for small businesses that helps you effectively control your business, automate billing, and deliver documents quickly and intuitively. Customize your relevant business information, set taxes and fees, easily create invoices and access detailed reports. It also includes a powerful POS system, the perfect fit for your shop, restaurant or bar.

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