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Over the last few weeks, our Integrations Team have managed to welcome aboard some big new partners to Mews Marketplace. One of the great things about our app store is that it keeps growing, which means that you can keep trying out new hospitality integrations to see what works best for your business. 

Without further ado, here’s a quick look at our four February newcomers. 



ROOMDEX Upsell Optimizer is a digital upselling system that assembles and prices upsell offers intelligently to maximize conversion and ROI. This automation means no manual work is required, as it also takes into account the operational needs of the hotel like balancing true availability for early arrivals and late departures.  

It’s special yielding engine means you get the best price possible, while a host of automated features like optimized email sends mean your staff are free to focus on in-person guest engagement. Everything is updated within Mews, meaning you have one source of truth for your data. What’s even better is that you can try it for two months for free and see the results for yourself. 

View ROOMDEX on Mews Marketplace


Package Concierge

Package Concierge is an automated package management solution that simplifies the package delivery and pickup experience for guests. It means that even when on holiday or on business, your guests can easily order items to where they are – top marks for guest experience. 

It works with a locker system whereby guests are notified via email when the package has been delivered and given a unique code that they can scan on their phone or enter via touchscreen to unlock their package. It’s also super easy to use on the hotel side of things. 

View Package Concierge on Mews Marketplace 



Pricepoint is an AI-driven revenue management system that enables fully automated price management on OTAs. Specifically, it provides hoteliers a tool through which to implement real-time dynamic pricing by anaylzing property performance 24/7 in real time and continuously updating prices on all online sales channels.  

The results? On average, revenues go up by 19% while occupancy increases by 13%. Rather than being another tool or dashboard to monitor, Pricepoint is an accessible, low-touch interface powered by an airline-grade pricing engine that allows any user to accurately control and track a hotel’s performance.  

With the Mews connection you’ll get a 30-day free trial and you can be up and running within a couple of hours. Why not give it a go? 

View Pricepoint on Mews Marketplace 



SuitePad lets you replace your traditional guest directory, in-room paper collateral like leaflets, hotel phone, and TV remote with a single in-room tablet. Winner of Best Guestroom Tablets at the 2022 Hotel Tech Awards, the technology gives guests a seamless experience from the comfort of their rooms. 

As well as improving guest communication, SuitePad helps you increase upselling and ancillary revenues, and reduce operating costs. The Mews integration lets you synchronize guest reservation and billing information with the SuitePad platform, allowing features such as payment during check-out on the SuitePad tablet. 

View SuitePad on Mews Marketplace 


These four integrations are only a drop in the ocean of what you can use with Mews. Head to Mews Marketplace to see them all.  

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