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In case you didn’t hear, there are exciting times ahead at Mews. We’ve got a new-look Partnerships team in place to ensure that all of our partners – including integration partners – are getting the most from Mews (and vice versa). 

This is also great news if you’re a hotelier: it should mean even more high quality solutions available to you. For instance, in the last month we added six new solutions to Mews Marketplace: 

Without further ado, here’s what’s new to Mews Marketplace for the month of October:  

  • Broadvine by Omniboost  
  • Canary Technologies 
  • Demand Calendar 
  • Expect Me  
  • Vendus  
  • Zafiro Entertainment Solutions 


Partners that went live in September

Want to know more about our shiny new integration partners? Read on for the low-down on every new integration. 


Broadvine by Omniboost 

Broadvine delivers hospitality business insights to hotel management companies and ownership groups to help increase profitability and operational efficiencies across hotels. It lets customers create driver-based budgets and forecasts and to easily review and edit budgets, including easy comparisons for any budget or forecast across its customers' portfolios. 

View Broadvine on Mews Marketplace 


Canary Technologies 

Canary offers a wide selection of hospitality solutions largely focused around the digital guest journey. This covers check-in, check-out, upselling, messaging and much more. These tools help hotels eliminate paper processes, boost revenue and staff efficiency, ensure PCI compliance, improve the guest experience, and reduce chargebacks and payment fraud. What’s not to like? 

View Canary Technologies on Mews Marketplace 


Demand Calendar 

Demand Calendar is revenue growth engine for large independent hotels and hotel groups. The solution integrates marketing, sales, and revenue management in one system, providing everything your commercial team needs in one place. Built-in dashboards, alerts, and easy access to the same data for all team members. On average, hotels using Demand Calendar increase their market share by 6%. 

View Demand Calendar on Mews Marketplace 


Expect Me 

Expect Me is a sophisticated upselling tool that allows hotel guests to select and guarantee their preferred room directly from a floor plan and detailed room overview. By integrating Expect Me into your hotel you’ll improve the guest experience, maximize operational efficiency and get extra net profit. Airplanes do it, so why shouldn’t you? 

View Expect Me on Mews Marketplace 



Vendus is easy-to-use online invoicing software for small businesses that helps you effectively control your business, automate billing, and deliver documents quickly and intuitively. Customize your relevant business information, set taxes and fees, easily create invoices and access detailed reports. It also includes a powerful POS system, the perfect fit for your shop, restaurant or bar. 

View Vendus on Mews Marketplace 



Zafiro is a modular tech ecosystem that offers hoteliers IPTV technology, interactive connectivity, and entertainment services. It can be implemented throughout the guest journey, including check-in, check-out and in-room experiences. 

View Zafiro on Mews Marketplace 


There are now over 650 live integrations available with Mews. You can see them all in the Mews Marketplace

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