June 27th, recognized as the International Pineapple Day, holds a special significance in the world of hospitality. This day is not just about celebrating the delicious tropical fruit – it also symbolizes a rich tradition of welcoming guests and sharing bounty. At the heart of this tradition lies Mews, recognized and respected as the number one Hospitality Management System (or PMS), which aligns perfectly with the values represented by this unexpected symbol of hospitality: the pineapple. 

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The pineapple: a symbol of hospitality 

The story of how the pineapple became a symbol of hospitality is deeply rooted in the history of New England. In the olden days, sea captains of New England, upon returning from voyages in the Caribbean, would stake a pineapple on their fence post. This was a sign to the townspeople that the captain had returned home safely from sea. The pineapple served as an invitation to visit, share meals and listen to tales of the captain’s adventures at sea. 

This tradition turned the pineapple into an enduring symbol of open hospitality. Over time, the pineapple was adopted as an emblem of warmth, friendship, and the guarantee of a hearty welcome. It started appearing in architecture, decor and even in logos of hospitality-related businesses. 

Mews: the modern-day hospitality system 

In the digital age, Mews has become the modern-day pineapple in the hospitality industry. With our exponential growth across the US market, Mews is now poised to make a significant impact on the small inns and hotels market in New England.  

Why? Mews is a comprehensive, cost-effective, cloud-based PMS that allows properties and guests to thrive cohesively. Its specific functionalities include real-time property management, direct booking management, third-party integrations and advanced analytics. These features enable establishments to streamline their operations, enhance guest experience, and ultimately increase their revenue.  

Mews embodies the spirit of the pineapple, offering its user-friendly system and top-notch customer support to revolutionize hospitality and lodging operations across New England. 

HITEC Charlotte: the voyage of learning   

Coincidentally, the last day of HITEC Charlotte falls on June 27, and marks a significant milestone for our fellow Mewsers. Just like the sea captains of old, they are looking forward to returning home to New England, bringing with them a bounty of information and insights gathered at HITEC. 

As Mews sails into the New England Inns and Resorts community, the invaluable knowledge learned at HITEC will enable us to better tailor our services to the unique needs of this market, ensuring that they offer the best possible solutions to our customers. 

Looking ahead: The New England Inns and Resorts Annual Conference 

This leg of Mews’ journey in New England will culminate in November when we sponsor New England Inns and Resorts Association’s (NEIRA) annual conference. This event will provide an excellent platform for Mews to showcase its innovative solutions and share its vision for the future of hospitality management. 

Just like the pineapple on the fence post, Mews extends an invitation to all attendees to visit our booth, learn about our offerings, and share in the bounty of hospitality knowledge we have to offer.

The story of the pineapple and its symbolism in the hospitality industry is a testament to the enduring values of warmth, welcome and generosity. As Mews PMS continues its journey in New England, it carries forward these values, aiming to transform the hospitality industry with its innovative solutions. On this International Pineapple Day, let’s celebrate the spirit of hospitality and look forward to a future of continued innovation and growth in the industry.