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Although Pride Month is largely a time of celebration, it also acts as an important reminder to consider those in the LGBTQI+ community who are less fortunate than us. We’re lucky at Mews. Being open and being human are two of our five core values, which means that everyone is free to be themselves, regardless of gender or sexuality. But we know that not everyone is as lucky as we are. So how can we help? 

There are plenty of amazing Pride charities around the world who work tirelessly every day to ensure a better, more tolerant world. We asked our team for charities close to their hearts, and so if you’re looking to make a difference, however small, donations to any of these brilliant organizations is a great place to start. Mews split our €2,000 Pride pot between Le Refuge and Hivos, but whoever you choose will do great things with your donation. 


Prague Pride – campaigning for marriage equality  

Everyone deserves the right to marry the person they love. It should be as simple as that. In the Czech Republic, gay couples can enter a ‘registered partnership’ but not a proper marriage. 

Prague Pride are raising funds to push for change at a political level, with the specific aim at amending the Marriage Act for All. Their website’s in Czech but Google does a great job of translating it, and as we have so many Mewsers in Czechia, this one’s very close to our hearts. 

Learn more here


Le Refuge – providing support to vulnerable teens 

Le Refuge are a French charity that provide shelter and support to LGBTQI+ teens who have been rejected by their families. Being shunned by the ones who are supposed to love us is one of the most heart-breaking things to go through, and it’s especially difficult when you’re young and still reliant on your family home. 

Unfortunately, young people subject to homophobia or transphobia have a higher rate of suicide, so providing a support system as well as physical shelter is absolutely vital. Le Refuge helped over 2,000 young people last year, and you can make a donation to help them continue their good work.  

Learn more here


Hivos – empowering marginalized voices 

Change only happens if we speak up with the marginalized; with those whose voices don’t yet carry the weight that they deserve. Hivos is a Dutch charity that works tirelessly to empower these voices on topics of gender equality, diversity and inclusion. 

All over the world, the abuse of power still pushes minorities further into the shadows, building societies that are neither fair nor inclusive. Hivos work with activists, journalists, entrepreneurs, artists and innovative organizations in more than 40 countries to help create equal and inclusive societies. 

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Rainbow Street – protecting LGBTQI+ rights in the Middle East and North Africa 

In some parts of the world, there’s a heightened danger to being gay or trans. For LGBTQI+ people living in these areas, it’s hard to know where to go for support or even who to trust. Rainbow Street connects queer and trans clients in the Middle East and North Africa with service providers who can address their unique needs. 

They also provide peer support for those who cannot be fully out and are struggling with their identity. It sounds simple, but simply being heard and appreciated for who we are plays a massive role in mental health. 

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Proud Lebanon – working for change in Lebanon 

Proud Lebanon aims to empower people who suffer from discrimination and promote tolerance in Lebanon and the surrounding region. They’re a non-profit organization always looking for more volunteers as well as donations. 

With the aim of fully integrating the LGBTQI+ community in the society and providing access to equal rights, Proud Lebanon raises awareness through lobbying and legal assistance, as well as hosting HIV support groups and healthcare services. 

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Aidsfonds – working to eradicate AIDS 

AIDS had a devastating effect on the queer community when it first emerged in the 80s, and despite some advancements in treatment, there are still over 12 million people living with HIV and not receiving treatment.  

There are numerous AIDS charities, all of who do amazing work, but Aidsfonds is the one that some of our Mewsers donate to. They work all over the world, but particularly in Africa, Asia, and the Netherlands, and their ambitious goal is to help end AIDS by 2030.  

Learn more here


Workplace Pride 

Mews is proud to be joining the Workplace Pride initiative, a non-profit foundation that strives to push the boundaries of LGBTQI+ inclusion in the workplace. Key pillars of the foundation’s work include raising awareness, measuring progress, research, training and network building through targeted events.  

They don’t need your donation, but why don’t you look into whether your own company would consider joining the alliance? With more representation, we’ll make faster progress towards a truly equal and accepting workplace.  

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