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As the first Russian tanks rolled across the Ukranian border, I felt a palpable sense of disbelief. That such tragic and senseless destruction could be caused at the whim of a few old men commanding boys who were not yet men, sacrificing them for an empire no-one wants to build, is unthinkable in the 21st century. 

But here we are, and our hearts goes out to everyone in Ukraine and those with friends and family who are affected. Almost immediately, our team’s thoughts turned to what Mews could do to help, but we were keen to ensure that any action we take makes a tangible, practical difference to those who need it most. So here’s what we’re doing. 


Matching your donations

There are plenty of amazing organizations on the ground in Ukraine and its surrounding countries, each doing incredible humanitarian work. We asked our friends and colleagues about which of these have the best experience and ability to scale quickly in order to have the biggest impact for those who need it. 

People in Need, World Central Kitchen, and the International Committee of the Red Cross are charities that are already providing critical, life-saving services for people in Ukraine and those who have been forced to cross its borders. We’re encouraging you (and everyone we talk to) to donate to any of these charities. Mews is starting out by matching all donations up to a total of €100,000, and we’d love to raise as close to €200,000 as possible. 

Here’s a little more about each organization. 


World Central Kitchen 

Over 500,000 Ukrainians have already fled the country since the attack began. World Central Kitchen is helping to provide hot, nourishing meals for these refugees, as well as helping to provide food within Ukraine. We can help them, too. 

Donate here


International Committee of the Red Cross 

The International Committee of the Red Cross provide urgent food, water, aid, and shelter to those in desperate need. Their help in Ukraine over the coming weeks will be invaluable. We’re supporting the British Red Cross campaign, whose donations will go directly to helping Ukraine.

Donate here


People in Need 

People in Need is a Czech charity who specialize in providing immediate humanitarian aid. They’ve already sent convoys loaded with vital supplies to Ukraine, and Mews is determined to help them provide even more. 

This fundraiser is a matching fund for Mews employees only, so if you don’t work for us, please donate to World Central Kitchen or Red Cross. 


Financial support for Mewsers

Our head office is in Prague. Many of our colleagues are from Eastern Europe, including Ukraine and Russia. For us, this is close to home. We’re providing special financial support to any employee who has been directly impacted by the crisis, and will do everything we can to help their friends and family who are affected, including advances of their salaries and Visa help for their families regardless of which side of the border they may find themselves. 


Time to volunteer

Sometimes a person’s time can be more beneficial than a financial donation. That’s why all Mewsers are being given optional volunteer time to support the growing refugee crisis. This could be helping to source vital provisions like food. It could be additional fundraising activities within the community. Whatever it is, we’re encouraging everyone to help out in any way they see fit – after all, this is something that affects all of us. 


Working together for a better future

I was in two minds about whether to mention the extra support we’re providing for our team. The last thing I want to do is make this crisis about Mews. But I hope that by telling you what we’re doing, it may inspire you to help out as well, in whatever way you can. 

If there’s any silver lining to be found in these dark, dark clouds, it’s how Europe and most of the world has joined together in solidarity for Ukraine and her people. Our actions, however small in comparison to those in Kyiv and Kharkiv, have the power to make a difference.