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Change can be scary, but only if you’re unprepared for it. Today’s travelers have different expectations to those of ten years ago, and if you keep treating them the same way, you’ll lose out on extra revenue and risk behind left behind by more savvy properties.

We’re here to help. Understanding the Modern Guest is a guide to what your customers expect when staying at your property. It takes a data-driven look at changing attitudes and behaviors and considers the adjustments you can make in order to provide a truly remarkable guest experience. What are you waiting for?


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What’s in Understanding the Modern Guest? 

The guide walks you through every step of the guest journey and examines a total of 22 guest behaviors that should inform your decision making. Explore at least three traits and expectations of the modern guest across each of these phases: 

  1. Discovery 
  2. Booking 
  3. Pre-arrival 
  4. Check-in 
  5. Stay 
  6. Check-out and post-stay 

These behaviors aren’t just speculation or what we want to see happen in the coming months: they’re built on hefty research and sprinkled with insightful data points from industry and Mews analysis.  

The guide also highlights some of hospitality tech’s greatest integrations, giving you plenty of ideas as to how to improve your operations and give today’s traveler what they want. 


Who needs to read this guide?

Hands up if you have any say in the running of a hotel, hostel, apartment rental, or any other property. If your hand’s up right now, then the guide is for you. There’s plenty to consider in terms of broader hospitality philosophy if you’re a General Manager or at board level, and there’s also lots of specifics for managers across all operations, from revenue to IT to marketing. 

Basically, if you have an interest in better understanding the wants and habits your customers, you’ll find plenty of tasty morsels inside. 


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Want a sneak peek at what to expect? Of course you do. Here’s just one of the 22 guest behaviors we explore, which comes from the Discover section of the guide. 


The modern guest is 
combining business with leisure 

Business travelers have rapidly shifted their attitudes about when, where and why they need to travel. Trips are increasingly last minute. Cleaning procedures are being closely eyeballed. Contact-free solutions are not just preferred but are being demanded.  

But there is a broader shift in corporate culture that has changed the landscape – remote and flexible work policies are giving employees more options. Enter the 'workcation'. When the pandemic ends, the choice between working out of the office and working remotely are likely to coexist. Tools like TripActions are helping travel managers at companies adapt to the rapidly shifting tides and the increased emotion of business travel today. 

It's no surprise that most people are keen to keep working remotely in some shape or form and research by Gartner found that 82 percent of companies plan to allow employees to work remotely at least some of the time. Prioritize showcasing home office facilities and Wi-Fi speed to attract this new wave of digital nomads. Likewise, the world of corporate travel will see increasing demand for privacy, cleanliness and longer stays among those traveling for business, requiring alternative accommodations to seriously up their ‘work-friendly’ game.