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“Hospitality has changed forever. Either you catch up now or risk being left behind.” 

These are the words of Matt Welle, Mews CEO. If they scare you a little, that’s okay. Change can be scary. But it’s also a rallying call to hoteliers across the world that’s it’s more than possible to adapt and to flourish – and the first step is signing up to Mews Unfold 2021. 

Unfold 2021 is an online event that features six sessions across two afternoons on the 1st and 2nd of December. Themed around Rethinking an Industry, more than 20 speakers from across hospitality will share their expertise and predictions, inspiring hoteliers like you to make the most of your property’s potential. 

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How does Mews Unfold 2021 work? 

Once you sign up to attend, you’ll receive a form to choose which sessions you’d like to join. You can join as many or as few as you want – none of them clash so you don’t need to worry about FOMO. 

Before each session begins, you’ll get an email reminder with a link to join the event. It’s that simple. If something comes up last minute and you can’t attend, we’ll be sure to send you the recording afterwards so you can benefit from our panelists. 


What are the Mews Unfold 2021 sessions? 

The six Unfold sessions are spread over two consecutive afternoons.


Day One 

Session 1: Our World Tomorrow 

A keynote speech about. what we learned from the last 20 months, how it will impact the way people think and buy, and expectations towards sustainability, digital messaging, security, and guest empowerment. 

Session 2: Hospitality Tomorrow: Rethinking the Industry 

An expert panel featuring the likes of Saco – Edyn, Accor and Juyo discuss the trends and habits that are likely to stick and where should hospitality focus our growth. Topics include technology, the modern guest, business travel, and the changing roles in our workforce. 

Session 3: Industry Forecasts: Winning the Booking 

Gurus from the world of reservations discuss direct traffic and how managing your various channels will prove vital to maximizing profits. How do you balance occupancy with reservation reach? 


Day Two 

Session 4: Realizing Your Property’s Full Potential  

How can your property adapt to changing trends and demands? Hybrid workspaces and co-working, hotels turned into homes and offices, and long stays are all on the rise. What can you do to benefit from these huge opportunities?  

Session 5: Mews Innovation Session: Our Vision for Hospitality 

Want to know what hospitality will look like in five years' time? Dive into the world of Mews with our product gurus as they pick their brains about industry standards going forward. You’ll also get the inside scoop on some of our latest releases and see what we have in store for you for in 2022. 

Session 6: Build your Perfect Tech Stack 

A well-judged tech stack can be the difference between a good hotel and a great one. You should be able to build a tech stack that suits your property, employees, and customers, so learn from hotels that have been custom-building their tech and automation to maximize their potential.

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