9Hotel Collection customer story

9Hotel Collection shows the way with outstanding performance

The luxury boutique hotel brand with properties across five European countries has boosted RevPAR and occupancy since moving to Mews.

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increase in RevPAR


from first six months of 2019 to first six months of 2022

increase in occupancy


from first six months of 2019 to first six months of 2022

higher ADR


for direct bookings compared to channel manager bookings

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“We have been with Mews for several years and you can see how they’ve helped us to perform consistently well. Occupancy, revenue, guest satisfaction: it’s all there in the data.”

More conversions and higher ADR for direct bookings



While channel managers remain a necessity to reach more customers, an over-reliance on OTA bookings means a large amount of revenue is lost through commissions.



Every 9Hotel Collection property uses Mews Booking Engine to allow guests to quickly and easily make reservations directly from their website. The user journey is simple with a minimal amount of clicks, while each property can offer various rates and extras once the guest has selected their room, including early check-in, breakfast and more. Guests can also choose to skip housekeeping during their stay, which reduces costs and saves time for the housekeeping team.



• Every hotel is above the 3.3% industry average booking conversion rate
• 7.4% booking engine conversion rate for 9Hotel Paquis Geneva, 6.5% for 9Hotel Sablon Brussels
• 30% higher ADR for booking engine bookings compared to channel manager bookings

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A platform for lasting success



When choosing their hospitality cloud, 9Hotel Collection wanted a solution that would drive major improvements across their KPIs.



Mews Hospitality Cloud is an agile and powerful solution that has helped the brand deliver significant results. Through a combination of clean and intuitive dashboards with Mews Operations, streamlined and digital processes through Mews Guest Journey, and the ability to connect with hospitality’s best integrations via Mews Marketplace, the 9Hotel Collection team have a platform for lasting success.



• 65% increase in occupancy from first six months of 2019 to first six months of 2022
• 39% increase in RevPAR from first six months of 2019 to first six months of 2022

Online check-in is beneficial for guests and hotels



Guest expectations are changing, and many now expect to be able to undertake much of their journey digitally.



Online Guest Services are a part of Mews Guest Journey, which includes features like online check-in and check-out. In order to check in online, guests are sent a pre-arrival email that includes a link, allowing them to complete the administrative part of their journey in their own time. This means that upon arrival they can get to their room faster, while front desk staff can focus more on being personable. Moreover, guests that check in online tend to be more engaged, with a higher spend.



• 12% higher ADR for guests who check in online
• 24% of guests check in online at 9Hotel Cesàri Rome, 19% at 9Hotel Central Brussels

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“Our guests expect everything to be convenient, from booking to check-in to departure; Mews allows us to meet these expectations while also streamlining our own operations.”

Integration spotlight

Each property has a number of integrations depending on its needs, with most hotels connected to around ten hospitality apps.


D-EDGE is one of the leading distribution systems in hospitality. 9Hotel Collection uses the D-EDGE Channel Manager to show their rates and availability on more than 300 hotel booking channels. It’s live, two-way connection with Mews means that inventory is updated almost instantly, cutting the chances of overbooking.


Revinate is a wide-ranging marketing and CRM solution designed to improve the guest experience through their journey, while also maximizing revenue for hotels. The tool comes with several powerful features, including email marketing segmentation and automation, upselling, and intelligent reporting.

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