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ahead burghotel combines sustainability and profitability

The German eco-hotel gives guests a fully digital guest journey with Mews and reaps the operational and revenue benefits. 

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Higher average booking value for direct bookings


of guests check in online


payment automation for card transactions


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“I love it when smart digital solutions support a holistic sustainability strategy. Online check-in and digital invoicing via Mews not only save an incredible amount of paper, it also supports the team, who never again have to decipher illegible handwriting, transfer data and archive crates of registration forms.”

Multiple digital check-in options



ahead burghotel aim to eliminate any resource waste from their operations, including unnecessary printouts, while also providing a variety of arrival options for guests.



Mews Guest Journey provides a number of connected digital user journeys. Once a reservation is made, the automated confirmation email provides a link to online check-in, where guests can perform a digital check-in to save time. Upon arrival, guests who have not yet checked in can do so with a member of the ahead team over a welcome drink. With the tablet solution, guest check-in is fast, effective and completely paperless, leaving more time for valuable human interaction and warm hospitality.



• One minute is the average kiosk check-in time
• 39% of guests check in online
• 10% of guests check out online

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More revenue through direct bookings



Reservations made through OTAs typically cost hotels high amounts of commission while also keeping guests less engaged.



Through their website (which is 100% Co2 free and hosted with green electricity) guests can book direct with the Mews Booking Engine. The user journey is smooth and consistent, and guests can easily choose add-ons such as champagne and baby cots.



• 4.9% booking engine conversion rate (industry average for independent hotels is 3.3%)
• 99% higher average booking value for booking engine bookings compared to channel manager

Portable payments throughout the guest stay



ahead burghotel embraces digital processes throughout their property, and they wanted an equally reliable and automated solution for managing payments.



Every transaction made through Mews Payments meets the highest security protocols while also remaining fast and frictionless. The hotel uses a portable Mews terminal so that transactions can be made throughout the hotel, while guests are also able to use their preferred payment method, including alternatives like Apple Pay.



• 100% payment automation for card transactions
• Zero chargebacks
• 15% of online checkout payments made through Apple Pay and Google Pay

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“Our team has been really impressed at how easy Mews is to use. It’s logical, it’s modern and it provides the perfect base for outstanding hospitality.”

Integration spotlight


DialogShift allows ahead burghotel to engage with their guests conveniently and effectively through chat, messaging and voice assistants. The AI chatbot automatically answers the most frequently asked 200 questions in 109 languages, with a 95% automation rate that cuts response times by 97%.

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