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CAB20 combines sustainability and profitability

The German cabin hotel integrates Mews Kiosk and Mews Payments in their concept of seamless, cashless hospitality.

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of reservations checked-in with Kiosk


(nearly 14k check-ins)

cashless payments


increase in RevPAR


(first three months of 2023 vs 2022)

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“At first, our accountant was worried because the numbers had seemed too good to be true. But it quickly became obvious how much time and money Mews saved us by removing manual and time-consuming tasks. It unlocked a renewed sense of energy and ambition.”

Digital check-ins powered by Mews Kiosk



A typical hotel reception gets busy during check-in and check-out times, with guests queuing to manually fill out the printed forms.



In Mews Kiosk, CAB20 found a digital, user-friendly alternative that would save time for guests and staff while eliminating unnecessary printing waste and clutter. Upon arrival, guests can easily type in their details which are then automatically updated in their Mews guest profile. This makes the check-in and check-out experience super-efficient and friendly, even when dealing with 30 guests at the same time.



• 92% of reservations checked-in with Kiosk (nearly 14k check-ins)
• 3 minute 18 seconds average check-in time

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Portable payments throughout the guest stay



CAB20 embraces digital processes throughout their hotel, so it made sense to adopt an equally reliable and automated solution for managing payments.



CAB20 hotel doesn’t operate with cash. Instead, guests receive wristbands that serve both as a room key and a payment method. They can be used for any orders in a bar or snacks from the vending machines without the hassle of dealing with coins and cards. It also gives CAB20 control over payments, as guests can’t check out unless the invoices are closed.



• 100% cashless payments
• Quicker and more efficient transactions during the stay

“Our idea of hospitality is to make everything quick, simple and friendly. Solutions like Mews Kiosk and Mews Payments give us the technology to do that.”

Integration spotlight

Pace Revenue

Pace is a revenue platform that bridges the gap between PMS and the distribution landscape. Its native business intelligence, built on top of an industry-leading pricing decision engine, helps CAB20 fulfil their commercial potential.


As a leading channel manager, SiteMinder connects CAB20 to over 400 booking channels. It automates the distribution of rooms, while the connection with Mews ensures that price, restrictions and availability are always up to date, reducing overbookings and saving time for their team.

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