Diana Dea Lodge customer story

Diana Dea Lodge boosts revenue and occupancy through Mews

The five-star La Réunion hotel uses technology to power a luxury guest experience.

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occupancy uplift


between first 10 months with Mews and the following 10 months

increase in global revenue


in 2021 compared to 2019

RevPAR increase


between first 10 months with Mews and the following 10 months

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“We want the administrative part of the stay to be as invisible and frictionless as possible for our guests – Mews is a big help in this regard.”

More time, more guests, more revenue



Diana Dea Lodge wanted to move to a modern hospitality cloud that would improve their key metrics while also enhancing the guest experience.



Through smart automation and the agile, easy-to-use interface of Mews Operations, the team at Diana Dea Lodge are able to save valuable time every day, which can instead be spent focussing on guests. A combination of in-platform tools and two-way integrations for revenue management and upselling have helped the property to very strong results.



• 70% increase in global revenue in 2021 compared to 2019 (pre-covid year)
• 16% occupancy uplift between first 10 months and following 10 months
• 19% RevPAR increase between first 10 months and following 10 months
• 9% ADR increase from March 2021 to March 2022

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Unlimited integrations, zero connection fees



Diana Dea Lodge have a number of hospitality solutions across multiple departments, all of which require data directly from Mews.



The Mews Enterprise package gives Diana Dea Lodge unlimited connectivity through Mews Marketplace and Mews Open API. From distribution to accounting, the team can integrate their hotel tech directly into the Mews ecosystem, leaning on automation to ensure that no manual migration is needed.



• 14 live integrations through Mews Marketplace
• Zero connection fees

“Connecting to new integrations is so easy with Mews – as it should be in the 21st century. We’ve been able to build an incredible ecosystem of hotel software that suits our needs.”

Integration spotlight

Diana Dea Lodge connect to 14 integrations through Mews Marketplace, from customer management to connected kiosks.


EasyWay is a contactless communication platform that allows Diana Dea Lodge to digitize and personalize their guest journey. The upside? New revenue streams through upselling, increased oeprational efficiency, and more meaningful engagement with guests.

Pxier Events

Pxier Events is cloud-based software that the Diana Dea Lodge team use to manage their events. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to view performance via dashboard and reports, while features including an event scheduler, multi-event types and integrated payments save time and reduce manual errors.

Looking ahead

Following their hotel’s strong performance over the last year, the Diana Dea Lodge team are keen to keep improving on all of their KPIs, including occupancy, revenue and guest satisfaction. Continuing to explore digital solutions is key to this goal, implementing an effective blend of modern processes and luxury service.

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Make it remarkable.

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